Xbox 360, Wii And PS3 Groundbreakers For 2008

CB Games has a top 10 rundown of some of the upcoming games for 2008.
Some of the games featured in the article include lesser known titles for the next-gen, such as Postal 3 and Midway's TNA: iMPACT! wrestling game. Other well known titles such as Battlefront 3 and Heavy Rain also made the list.

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DaTrooF4174d ago

thought that heavy rain was a ps3 exclusive....o well.
looking forward to eight days.

Vojkan4174d ago

It was supposed to be but PS3s delay and slow start made them change their mind.

Not the best list though. What about MGS4 that got delayed and FF13versus, Kingdom Hearts 3?

techie4174d ago

RUmoured datroof...nothing has been announced.

8 Days is out this year.

cyguration4174d ago

Wouldn't that mean that they should have a host of new content in order to make any kind of feasible release date for 2007? If Heavenly Sword is nothing but a glorified God of War/Devil May Cry clone and it has been delayed like crazy, how can an original game that's entirely physics based not get pushed back to next year?

Either the SCEE guys are working some magic with the development studio or something is not right. :/

techie4174d ago

It's Sony Gamers Day you will be seeing 8 Days...most likely an episodic game.

There are many games that havent been announced that are coming out this'll be surprised.

Odion4174d ago

You would have seen something on it by now, its a new IP and no matter how good the game is its going to need serious coverage to get some hype.

Just thinking of something like Too Human it may be pushed back to 2008 but the previews and media are already streaming out.

techie4174d ago

You'll see it this week jeez.

Have you heard of the Facotr 5 (Lair) second project? No? Well that's coming out this year. As are lots of other first party titles. Sony have followed Dyacks advice of finishing games before they give them coverage.

Odion4174d ago

I am not calling you out on that but do you have another website or a source with rumored games or something? It'd be nice to see what may or may not be coming out.

techie4174d ago

Sure. IGN list quite a few. You'll be hearing about a game coming from the Buzz devs quite soon. Sly Cooper makers have a game coming out. The ICO makers have a game coming out. Factor 5. Zipper Project. 2 thatgamecompany games. Atari project. Two Sony Online MMO's. ANother Rockstar game (wild west).

Sony have 100 PS3 games in development.

As I said you'll hear more by Thursday.


No. 1Heavy Rain:Not on Xbox 360

gta_cb4174d ago

obviously we will have to wait and see, and well at the moment it WOULD make sence to go multi as there is more Xbox 360s sold then PS3s

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