Tecmo Bowl 2008 Shows Light Trailer

Tecmo announces its return to the field with Tecmo Bowl 2008. This trailer features a satirical approach to the franchise's history.

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Blackmoses4483d ago

i think I'm gonna cry....

DeadlyFire4483d ago

I used to love Techmo bowl on my NES way back when. I just wonder are they gonna update the graphics and things to next-gen. or just make a new version of their old game on the Archades of the consoles.

Inasid4483d ago

Yes hopefully it will become more like the Super Bowl version, not like the version they used on the trailer. IMHO that is why it wasn't so successful, it lost the "fun" aspect of the game and tried to get too technical.

vettle14191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

that was a great game absolutely loved it (going to dig out old snes, hail mary here i come)