Star Wars Still Not Slated for HighDef

According to John Singh, spokesperson for Lucasfilm Ltd., "Lucasfilm Ltd. has no plans to release any of the Star Wars movies on Blu-ray or HD DVD. Listings on or any other Web site are purely speculative and erroneous." also has a speculative listing for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on HD DVD. New Line Cinema hasn't discussed its plans for Lord of the Rings, beyond hinting at CES that the trilogy is in the works. New Line's parent company is Time Warner, also parent company of Warner Brothers. Warner supports both Blu-ray and HD DVD. declined to comment on how the shopping site generates such information.

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ben hates you4268d ago

these could be what decides the war

gta_cb4267d ago

i can tell you would like these on high deff by your avatar lol =D

JasonPC360PS3Wii4268d ago

There isn't a clear winner yet in the HD DVD and Blu-Ray war, it's still neck and neck.

gta_cb4267d ago

yeh there good on DVD =)

or if you live in the UK you could bye Sky+ then record the Starwars in high deff off the movie channel =D simple, and costs MUCH less! =)

crazyman4268d ago

Star wars and lord of the rings are all huge movie series that people will pay more than average for a better version of (I own all the EE vesions of LotR). If they go exclusive they may sway quite a few people.

I personly want to get the Hd DVD drive for 360 but theres no must get movie, If SW or LotR go to HD DVD only I will get one, I dont care if they do abbandon it the week after Id be happy with just those films.

gta_cb4267d ago

true dude! some films will make such a difference! =) and Starwars is deff one of them.

Dreamworker4268d ago

i am sure lucas will come out with a anniversary edition on DVD end of the month. I don't think he will release a blu ray or hd-dvd of star wars. The base of this new formats is still to small.

gta_cb4267d ago

yeh i although i would love to see them release this on High Deff i reckon they would only wanna release them once, and with a battle going on...

this is off topic but look i have replyed to everyone so far lol