FIFA 10 vs. PES 2010 graphics comparison

FIFA 10 vs. PES 2010 - demos of the two games are out there now and the guys from shot pictures of the same players in both games. Compare Messi, Malouda, Dani Alves, Henry and so on.

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cRaZyLeGs 933946d ago

Both look good, kinda scary actually. In the PES screenshots, the lighting is weird.

Rock Bottom3946d ago

heads are too big for their bodies in fifa, and all players have the same skin... both games have awesome graphics, but Pro models resemble their real life counterpart more than fifa, in most cases at least, despite having some wired lighting.

heroicjanitor3946d ago

But the lighting is weird in the pes ones

Mozilla893945d ago

You can't look at the Ribery comparison and tell me that PES looks better. It depends from player to player it seems. For some reason a lot of the PES players have their eyes closed.

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Chuck-Norris3946d ago

the PES models have more texture to them, some of the lighting is a little off, you can notice it on the hair of the players. As for fifa they look pretty good but a bit life-less, the pes models have more life to themif that makes any sense...wait im chuck norris it doesnt have to make sense (roundhouse kick..... gooooaaaaallllll!!!!!)

The Creep3945d ago

WOW PES 10 actually does look better than fifa but gameplay wise chances are fifa will be on top

peeps3945d ago

indeed. back in the days of ps2 i was all about pro but now fifa is just way ahead.

rekonizakilla3945d ago

when, in your opinion has fifa ever been better than pes gameplay wise?

LittleBigSackBoy3945d ago

look at the ears on PES, it ruins the whole faces!

maverick11913945d ago

rock bottom what are you on about all players have the same skin so henry and messi have the same skin colour? i admit pro has better visuals of players in SOME players but the lighting is weird in pro but i think overall based on the demo's that i've played fifa destroys pro in terms of gameplay but not in graphics in the PES demo everyone seemed robotic and its easy to run from kick off and run around the defense and score the AI is weak on fifa you cant do this

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The story is too old to be commented.