White Knight Chronicles EX Edition gets Bonus Items

Japanese gamers are set to get some cool in-game bonuses for picking up the new 'EX Edition' of White Knight Chronicles.

While the EX Edition is just the original version of White Knight Chronicles with all the updates released after the game originally came out included on the disc, the game will also come with a redeemable Playstation Network code which will offer some exclusive download items for players to use in game.

While this won't be enough reason to get Japanese gamers to buy the game again, those who missed out can now pick up an up-to-date version of the game with some extra bonus items included.

The game goes on sale on October 8th for the bargain basement price of 3,800 Yen.

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Peter North3940d ago

Star Ocean 4 is also getting bonus items on the PlayStation 3, along with a HD resolution ofcourse.

xenogamer3940d ago

dont play SO4, i know your cvmming on your self because it came over from 360, but its a really boring and generic rpg, take it from an old school jrpg gamer, not good at all. cant wait for VS tho, thats my number one jrpg i am looking forward too.

MetalGearRising3940d ago

bargain basement enough said.

ThatCanadianGuy3940d ago

Yep ! That's where i'll be picking up forza 3 in a few months.

Kain813940d ago

Sony/Level 5 bring it to the EU asap

xenogamer3940d ago

You gotta admit those characters designs are boring... i dont want to play as a red headed, magoo looking guy with horrible clothes, and a weird pony tail... i preffer nomuras character designs so much better, even if they tend to be on the androgynous side.

Snoogins3940d ago

I'm not that big of a fan of the art-style either. I'm a fan of Yoshitaka Amano.

I've been keeping my eyes on this game. I hope the gameplay and story is as good as Level-5's prior endeavors.

Blasphemy3940d ago

WTF LOL They are working on an EX Edition instead of localizing this for USA?