Birmingham gets gaming centre

Birmingham, Britain's second city is to be host to a brand new gaming centre which will be one of the largest in the world.

The centre, which will be called "Omega Sektor" will host over 400 top of the range gaming PC's with around 500 playable games upon opening in June, the centre will also have a selection of next gen consoles to play including the Xbox 360.This new centre will play host to a series of competitions and events for gamers to take part in.

This should enhance Birmingham's growing repertoire of gaming venues and sit comfortably alongside the Xbox 360 experience hosted at the city's Gamestation store.

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OutpostCommand4269d ago

Hmm !
Lets hope this takes off.
Perhaps if it does, us Londoners will be lucky enough to get our own gaming center?

And sigh at 'sektor'.
I hate such deliberate misspellings to make oneself look 'hip' or whatever its called these days.