Console Gaming: Ashes Cricket 2009 Review

Console Gaming writes: "Believe it or not, it has already been approximately three years since we were presented with the first next-gen Brian Lara cricket title. This year however, cricket fans should be overall pleased since they have been gifted with plenty of events throughout the season, ranging from the 20-20 World Cup to the Ashes series. Ashes Cricket 2009, developed by Transmission Games, couldn't have been released at a better time. Games in August have been lackluster with the exception of one or two other titles. Cricket fans have waited for three years for Ashes 2009 to be released, but was it worth the wait?

There is no doubt that the PlayStation version of Codemasters' Brian Lara Cricket was by far the greatest and most enjoyable cricket game to date. Ashes Cricket 2009 builds upon the major aspects of Brian Lara, and tries to improve the key elements that needed to be worked on. Codemasters' first attempt on a next-gen cricket title was actually great, although there were clearly some major faults. Thankfully, Ashes Cricket 2009 resolves many of these faults, but there are still some problems which should have been addressed. Having said this, Ashes 2009 is still a major step forward from its predecessor..."

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