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Sarevok3856d ago

About fing time! time for me to dust off my copy of Fallout3

gamesR4fun3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Cant say Im not interested if they fixed all the bugs like they say especially. But a year later is the game still hot nough to sell well?

Hope they give the guys who bought the game n got no support for a year a decent deal on it. I mean another 50 bucks ontop of the 60 they shelled out for it.

Lifendz3856d ago

I bought Fallout 3 about three weeks back and I've since reached level 20. I've held off on doing anything else in the game because I want the xp to go towards reaching the next level. Glad it's finally coming. Darn I hate this exclusive DLC stuff.

Razzy3856d ago

Seems to be a European site. Question is, will it release in NA at the same time or sooner?


Wait for GOTY edtiotion you will save alot of money if you wants to buy all the DLC.

Hellsvacancy3856d ago

I shall wait and buy the Goty edition aswell although i already got Fallout 3 i should get a tenner on Amazon 4 it


I would buy GOTY edition but I already have Broken Steel, Operation Anchorage, and Point Lookout. So I think I will buy The Pitt and Mothership Zeta when they come with 33-50% off at DLC for gold members on Live.

bjornbear3856d ago

for a long long time...stopped playing on mac just for this =D!!!!

Nihilism3856d ago

i swear the goty edition of fallout 3 will have to be the best value game of all time, so many hours, so much depth

Silence3856d ago

I will gladly hand over more money for the GOTY edition with all the extra goodies. I got about 70 hours with no DLC, now I'm probably looking at getting over 100. Oh yes, I do have the time.

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The story is too old to be commented.