Don't Dismiss Potential Of Casual Market

Lou Fawcett, head of Eidos' new casual gaming division has said that, "traditional videogames have alienated potential customers", and has urged developers to reconsider what they assume makes a good game.

Speaking at a discussion at Northern Exposure last week, he said that the traditional gaming market has evolved into something which is too technical and complicated for most people. He encourages traditional gamers to, "get in touch with your feminine side, speak to friends and relatives who are playing these [casual] games."

He says that the reason for creating this new division is so that more focus is giving to this growing sector, as at the moment it's the traditional big launch games that get all the attention from sales and marketing.

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WilliamRLBaker4483d ago

Considering that casuals MAKE or break the video game market....

This is a simple fact and he's basically preaching to the choir when it comes to saying that to the games market, Its well known that casuals will make or break a game or system.

bootsielon4483d ago

"Traditional (READ: Hardcore) gaming has alienated potential (casual) consumers"

Well, if the industry shifts towards casuals, the headlines will read in a few years.

"Casual gaming has alienated potential (hardcore) consumers"

ITR4482d ago

Not really since HC gamers are just a niche group anyways.

bootsielon4482d ago

...potential hardcore consumers won't be alienated.