Ridiculously expensive Master Chief bust announced

From Gameswire: "Obsessed with Halo? Got the Limited Edition green console, collector edition games, figurines and anything else to bear the Halo brand? Got USD 225 to spare? Then you'll love this.

" has announced that it will be releasing a strictly limited edition bust of Halo's former hero, Master Chief, during the fourth quarter of this year."

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IDetonation3856d ago

There ARE other games on the 360 to promote, MS.
Not JUST Halo.
I think...

menoyou3856d ago

Nope, there isn't.

Anyway the title should be changed to "Ridiculous Master Chief bust announced"

DelbertGrady3856d ago

It's being released by, not Microsoft.

edgeofblade3856d ago

Polystyrene? You mean this coffee cup (you have to take my word that I have one) could be remade into a master chief bust?

This is great. Since polystyrene does not decompose, future civilizations will know of Master Chief!!! </sarc>

lordgodalming3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Whether the Master Chief bust is lame or not (it is), it is not made of polystyrene (more commonly called Styrofoam here in the States), but rather Polystone, which is a resin-based medium used to make bathroom counters in upscale private jets, among other things.

bjornbear3856d ago

Master Chief image found on toast auctioned on eBay for €1,000,000 =O!

karan86243856d ago

Play the game, Ok. Read the novels... maybe. Buy a bust... you have hit rock bottom

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Dutch Boogie3856d ago

Damn i almost forgot what the definition of milking is. Here it is folks gaylo. Who ever buys this is a delusional t$rd lol.

user39158003856d ago

Make way here I come, preparing for a BBQ grilling, open up PS3 casing insert hamburgers and watch droids be mad at me.

-GoldenTimeLover-3856d ago

I bet TheMart will buy this. lmao

gameangel3856d ago

It's a high price to pay for something that will only ever cause embarrassment when someone comes round and sees it.

Tomonobu Itagaki3856d ago

The only people who would buy this are hikikomori, there is no risk someone comes around as they prefer to stay alone, shut in there little world. No friend, no family, no outsider, no people, no embarrassment with such thing.

mrv3213856d ago

You say that BUT COD 6 limited edition night vision goggles will sell in their 1000's

Chuck-Norris3856d ago

thats IF you have friends that will come over....


Chuck-Norris .... does not have friends, Just people that beg for mercy and cry in pain !

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LTC3856d ago

If a bot buys this it will have cum stains all over it. (if he puts it in his basement that is)

Etseix3856d ago

why will the bots buy this? when they can BUYT THIS more CHEAP!

peeps3856d ago

yeh that was a pretty big fail, especially when the wii you posted was twice as expensive lmao

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The story is too old to be commented.