15 Minute Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Interview

Giant Bomb Writes: "Infinity Ward's Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling spills the beans on all things multiplayer."

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GameGambits3856d ago

Awesome interview as always by Giantbomb. I liked the one with Tim Shafer and Jeff G where they just walk around PAX.

I'm a little more persuaded about MW2 becoming a purchase and not just a rental after watching this, but the lack of a beta really has me worried. There's never been a time on this planet where putting out a beta did not greatly benefit your game. I hope early reviews get put up to let us really know how the multiplayer stands, because if I do go against my intuition and buy this then it ends up being glitchy like Gears of War 2...words can't describe how ticked off I'd be.

LukaX233856d ago

Giant Bomb blew themselves up.

Nintendo Wii3856d ago

Modern Flopfare 2?
Inflopity Ward cant make a good game.
Now the Wii-Fit..
Thats NEXT-NEXT-GEN tech.
Simply flawless.

Thatlalala3856d ago

Awesome Vid. "We brought them in to QA the f*ck out of the game" I Lold.

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