Is the games industry really ready for digital distribution?

This guest editorial comes from Pat Chapman-Pincher, who has worked within the telecommunications industry for more than 30 years - with experience ranging from multinational Internet and telecoms companies to technology start-ups.

Chapman-Pincher has held senior roles at UUNET International, MFS International, IBM UK, Logica and BT. Today she is chief executive officer of CacheLogic, a global provider of content delivery network services.

Chapman-Pincher discusses the games industry's shift towards digital distribution - and questions whether traditional CDNs will be able to cope.

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gta_cb4176d ago

ummmm... i think... YES! lol =D

JasonPC360PS3Wii4176d ago

They will all head that way even Sony when they get off the blu-ray bus. Compression software literly gets better everytime a dev comes out with a new game. So IMO Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and PC will make tons of money from this. Personally I'm tired of buying CD/DVDs that scratch when the wind blows.

Well what do you know an unbiased comment from me, bookmark this sh!t probably not going to happen again.

specialguest4176d ago

There are still a large percentage of gamers who are not connected online or have fast enough bandwith speed.

Rooted_Dust4176d ago

Until broadband can reach every corner of the country, there will always be a place for physical media.

PS360WII4176d ago

agreed specialguest it's going to be a long time before dial-up is gone for good. Plus it's going to be even longer before there is enough cable in the ground for all in the states to get broadband let alone world wide. Digital Distribution is working but is not ready for the big time

silent ninja4176d ago

i think we are ready not all of us though

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