Microsoft wants royalties from Linux and OpenOffice

Microsoft wants royalties from users and distributors of open-source software which it claims violates 235 of its patents reports Fortune magazine. As an example it says the Linux kernel infringes on 42 patents, while its user interface and design elements infringe on a further 65.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says its open-source competitors need to "play by the same rules as the rest of the business" and that "what's fair is fair."

Rather than going to court though, Microsoft seems to be employing a cunning plan which involves "encouraging" large tech companies that depend on Linux to ink patent deals with them. It seems that it'll only be a matter of time before Microsoft starts getting "nasty" with those companies who don't come around to their way of thinking.

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nice_cuppa4486d ago

same rules should apply to all !

if microsoft has to pay for these sort of things as has been reported here before !

then others should have to when its microsoft with the patents !

QuackPot4486d ago

If they had a case they would be taking all the major Linux distributions(Redhat, Suse, Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva) to court and finally put an end to LINUX.

We know they have the why don't they do it?

Or is it all just Pi$$ and wind.

Note: IBM is now selling machines with Linux. Yes, that's of the biggest tech patent holders in the world. Are they worried about M$ scaremongering. Nope. Now that would be a court case worth watching...IBM vs Micro$oft. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

JDW4486d ago

Why should anyone bother to develop new code and products then when they know that anybody can use the research they spent many years and lots of money developing. That is what will happen if you cannot patent new codes that are written.....the business will slow down and development will be slower.

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ben hates you4486d ago

i'm mean microsoft gives large amounts of its money back in charity, bill & melinda foundation rocks

nice_cuppa4486d ago

i hate patents like this !

all im saying is is microsoft have to pay so should others have to pay microsoft !

with any luck this will blow up big time and the patent laws will be changed !

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Rooted_Dust4486d ago

Is it even possible to claim royalties on something that is free?

BIadestarX4486d ago

Even worst... the value can be calculated + damages cause by a company selling it for free... So, even if linux is free... the company distributing the software can be held accountable for loses, and would have to pay the money and/or pull the product of the market.

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The story is too old to be commented.