More developers flock to WiiWare

Nintendo has detailed a raft of new development support for its WiiWare and DSiWare download platforms at an event in London today.

Nintendo turned the spotlight on third-party games such as LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias from UK-based Frontier, American studio Telltale Games' Tales of Money Island and Japanese designer Kenji Eno's You, Me, and the Cubes to prove how developers around the world were embracing the platform.

It also revealed that iPhone specialist Firemint had been convinced to release a DSiWare version of its Flight Control title.

Plus, the format-holder is introducing a new points scheme to encourage more users to log on to the service - and it is today relaunching its WiiWare hub at The site now features a weekly top 10 sales chart and guides on how to use the service.

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PS360WII3715d ago

I'd hope so. Almost seemed like they were backing away from their WiiWare projects and the DSiWare needs major updates as far as bringing us some games. Sure it's new but hey I'm part of the internet gamers and we need satisfaction next day or even day of! ;)

SpoonyRedMage3715d ago

Look in the DS section and look at all the new DSiware announcements... I dares ya.

PS360WII3715d ago

Of for sure I saw that massive list. I'm just saying it took longer than what us "entitled" gamers deem alright lol

SpoonyRedMage3715d ago

ahh, you're bein funny are ya?:P

I don't think anyone has any right to complain. Flipnote Studio is pure awesomeness.

PS360WII3715d ago

yeah flipnote seems neat but not for me. So far I just have Warioware Snap which was decent but little thought that's the point of the DSiWare feature so it was right on the money. I also like how it took pictures of you while you play and show you after the round ha

SpoonyRedMage3715d ago

You should get Flipnote anyway as it's FOR FREE!!!

You haven't even got Mario vs DK: Minis March Again though?

PS360WII3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Nope not even that one :(

right now for DS it's the carts that peak my interest but I'm sure the DSiWare will start to have me going 'I got to have that!'

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3715d ago