Japan: Games that Could Save Xbox 360

It's no secret that the Xbox 360 could use a boost in Japan. Games like Blue Dragon, an upcoming shooter from Square-Enix and few other Japan-friendly titles may provide the system with just what it needs to appeal to Japanese consumers.

The truth is, if you ask me right now which console is the most enthralling, it's the Xbox 360. Microsoft's policy seems to be, loosely, to put out original games with beautiful graphics and sparkling concepts, with simple enough play and big enough budgets to qualify as entertainment first, videogames second. The queue of "Japan-friendly" games soon to release is now quite formidable: Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Project Sylph, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Cry On (Mist Walker and cavia's positively brilliant-sounding action/adventure/RPG with Katamari / Shadow of the Colossus-esque elements), and the Gundam FPS by Dimps all look like spectacular games with texture and value. Trusty Bell, Namco and tri-Crescendo's RPG about the composer Chopin, will likely be very interesting as well, at the very least.

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Marty83706529d ago

I doubt any game can save X360 in Japan,X360 is doomed to failure in Japan.

shotty6529d ago

The xbox 360 will take off once the ps3 is released trust me. Sony is marketing gods, look at HD-DVD the sales were alright and right when blu-ray launched HD-DVD sales went up alot and now the players are sold out everywhere. Honestly as a gamer give me 1 solid reason to buy a ps3. The xbox 360 is the same as the ps3 but no blu-ray (a plus in my opinion since blu-ray will debut with the ps3 and something tells me the drives are going to be unrealiable), is also way cheaper and in my opinion has more and better games. It also has a solid online component. However I see the wii as the dominant console in Japan since they perfer inovative things as opposed to more powerful and the adoption rate of HDTV is pretty low there.

Marty83706529d ago

#1.1 - X360 has no support in Japan hence why Xbox/X360 is doin so badly in Japan.

Gamer136526d ago

once i got all next gen consoles im ok, who care about japan.


silent ninja6526d ago

i hate ppl who comment without backing up their comments.if you say "its doomed" give logical explaination.

otherwise you name says it all

silent ninja6526d ago

MS policy's sound good on paper but lack in excution(that is delivering)at the right time.

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5 Greatest Xbox Games That Were Cancelled

Jahanzeb writes: "This list looks at five Xbox games that were cancelled, whether notably or unceremoniously, and could have been great additions to the Xbox library."

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Spurg1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Cry On
This one is actually heartbreaking as Microsoft lost interest in the Japanese market at that point.

The game looked really mediocre but was something that could have flourished into something quite interesting

Obsidian is now part of Microsft so we could see this game making a return.

darthv721794d ago

SB could still happen. It wouldnt be PG doing it though but MS does own the IP and they know there is demand for it so... ??

Fluttershy771794d ago

Looked mediocre, that's your opinion, I think it looked awesome - in any case you can argue that 90% games look sort of bad early stages - mid development. The truth MS doesn't take any sort of risks (and even less back then) and that's why the game is dead. Is risky to make a game like Death Stranding, Is risky to make a game like Day's Gone (even though it was a failure in my opinion), Splatoon, Arms to mention Nintendo... And I can keep on and on (all of them Not MS games)
And lets not forget about fable
Sad but true. Truth hurts, cry on

Spurg1794d ago

"Is risky to make a game like Day's Gone "

Days Gone is an open world game with zombies and tick box objectives in it. It not risky, it a combination of everything generic about this gen.

"Looked mediocre, that's your opinion, I think it looked awesome"
It didn't look impressive. It looked clunky and with choppy frame rates. And Platinum themselves have taken some of the blame for the game's cancellation.

"The truth MS doesn't take any sort of risks"

Microsoft has been in a weird position this gen. They have played it safe with their first party studios as they delivered sequels to their known IP. The risk only came from a third-party developer such as Remedy, Armature games, Insomniac and Crytek, which is a shame because none of those games will get a sequel anytime soon or ever.
All I know is the usual studios such as 343I, Coalition and Turn 10 will keep on working of their known IP but with the new acquisitions will be the ones taking the risks.

Brave_Losers_Unite1794d ago

Microsoft doesn't take risks? Xbox One Kinect only 24 hour internet DRM console. Lol Risks...

TK-661794d ago

"Is risky to make a game like Death Stranding"

If Death Stranding is a risk then every game MS has ever made is a risk. The game was being hyped before we even knew the title. If it's made by Kojima then it's instantly going to get free publicity based on that fact alone.

Risky games don't get hyped before they've been revealed.

SegaGamer1794d ago

How can you call them the greatest if you never played them?

FalconofLucis981794d ago

This ^, shouldve been most desired or something

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FallenAngel19841794d ago

How can you know something is great if nobody played it? Many games can look good in previews but still end up mediocre in its final release

Vits1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Personally I don't think that what they showed us about Scalebound was good. The frame rate was all over the place and it overall felt lifeless. It was however the most distinct Xbox One exclusive, but that say more about the other exclusives than about Scalebound itself.

Illbleed was pretty bad on the Dreamcast. Sure a enchanted version could fix a lot of it's issues, but if the original is something to go by I don't think we lost much with that being cancelled.

Cry On is a really sad one, especially because it market the end of Microsoft Japanese focused games. There is little about this game avaiable, so it's hard to say that it would be good. But if the previous titles were anything to go by, it would be at least pretty good.

sprinterboy1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Not too piss on anyone's parade, but how can they be greatest xbox games if they were cancelled?
Edit: shouldn't the title be "5 potential great xbox games that were cancelled?

jznrpg1794d ago

Because they look better than most Xbox games that have released? Ba dum chh