Cry-On Canned

AQ Interactive delivered some some sad news just in time for Christmas today with the announcement over in Japan that Cry-On has been cancelled.

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CloudsEnd5149d ago

I want to laugh but, i would hurt my self, because i looked forward to the next Mistwalker title. =/

bbelly9320_5148d ago

I've been looking forward to this title since 2005 now, sigh.

prowiew5148d ago

Ive lost faith in japanese rpgs. Didnt like lost odyssey, blue dragon, infinite undiscovery. White knight got an average score at famitsu. What now. Star Ocean is really the last hope.

Gun_Senshi5148d ago (Edited 5148d ago )

If you actually saw White Knight Chronicles you will now its the best JRPG at the moment.

FAMI Gave MAss Effect 11/40

The Chinese and Japanese players where saying how good it is and how did FAMI gives 27/40 (Yes I can read little Chinese and Japanese) and the player streaming it (and finished the game....he didn't stop playing. 30 hours straight exlcuding every time he dies because the game reset timer when you die from last save point) main story only. He rates is 9/10 and said its best JRPG on current consoles.

He also said next streaming will be Yakuza 3 followed by FFXIII Demo in March

To whom clicked disagree. 遅延アメリカ

CloudsEnd5148d ago

Well, the most you listed are for the 360... and Lost Odyssey ftw. =/

You see... White Knight Chronicles is going to be awesome imo. =/
And Star Ocean 4? Dude Star Ocean were never a real good RPG, just good. you see?

So dont get your hopes too high.

NaiNaiNai5148d ago

star ocean is a AJRPG. and thus has more issues then a turned based anything. also Just FYI theres alot of really good JRPG for the ps3 and 360, that will never make it state side, i saw some really sweet trailers for some when i went on my jap 360 account.

but i know SO4 will be worth my while. same for 13, and if i have to ill just go pick up a old ps2, and play some of the rpgs ive missed over the past 2 years.

Gun_Senshi5148d ago

Star Ocean is real time combat and Star Ocean 3 was medicore. It was very big (2 DVD9 that old 8.7 GB each, not 6.4GB) but it got too boring and they kept sretching the story too much.


NaiNaiNai5148d ago

so the game wasn't that good huh... so tell me what part of the story did you hate most, that kept getting dragged out. T_T

Gun_Senshi5148d ago

Spoiler of SC3

When you find out you're just a program and go out of the "screen" to the real world...

gaffyh5148d ago

lol NaiNaiNai got pwned, he expected Gun_Senshi to be lying hahahah

on topic - I liked Lost Odyssey from Mistwalker, so I was looking forward to this game. Though I didn't even like the look of Blue Dragon, but I'm guessing they will make BD2 because it is more recognisable (especially in Japan cos of the anime)

Homicide5148d ago

NOOOOOO! I was looking forward to this one.

Kira835148d ago

Yeah thats what killed it for me too. Up until that point it was a great game, but when that happened i don't know i just didn't care enough to finish it.

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Chris Hansen5149d ago

Cry-On? When did they announce this game?

ThaGeNeCySt5148d ago (Edited 5148d ago )

I don't remember it being OFFICIALLY announced, but there was a website and it did contain some early concept images

Xeoset5148d ago

I remember Sakaguchi discussing the topic of the game, saying he wanted to create a game that could force you to cry, be it through sadness or happiness, trying to get you to feel massive emotion every 30 or so minutes.

It sounded amazingly interesting and would of loved to see some form of outcome. I hope this news is false.

specialguest5148d ago

haha whatsup man. Yeah, It would be a shame if this news is true. Anyway, if this game is in fact cancelled, I'm pretty sure Sakaguchi's next project will still retain the same emotional impact as Cry-On.

Nathan Drake5149d ago

Not surprised considering the sales of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey

Danja5148d ago

those games actually did respectable numbers...

Lost Odyssey was good also

360 man5148d ago

please dont make me bring up getaway 3 and eight days now

2 sony first party exclusives

now yall run along now, go on get !!

PotNoodle5148d ago

They were not cancelled totally, just that the team working on them have been assigned to work on something else now.

The Getaway 3 will definatly come, maybe towards the end of this gen but it'll come. The franchise was very sucessful on the PS2 and would be silly not to make a sequel.

Johnny Cullen5148d ago

Actually, sales had nothing to do with it.

It was development.

We hadn't seen gameplay footage of it at all (i think), no trailers, no footage, nout. Just that development was in progress and concept art.

Development was lagging behind so they had no choice to cancel.

Sales had nothing to do with it.

Kain815148d ago (Edited 5148d ago )

has said that C&C:Red alert 3 was canceled for ps3, but 2 month ago EA announced a ps3 version again, which will use the capability of the PS3 and BLU-ray

EDIT: DANJA you are right here are some PHantom disagrees^^

PotNoodle5148d ago

Well i'm not sure then, just that because a few weeks ago there was an interview with a producer at one of sonys internal studios and they asked them their thoughts on the cancelling on those two games, they said that the getaway will almost certainly will be re-started at a later date.

It is their job to officially deny things like this, they do it all the time - like said above, look at the C&C they flat out denied that a good few times before saying it is in development.

Foxgod5148d ago

Nathan drake, you are misinformed, Blue dragon sold +- 2 million, and Lost odyssey did 1.5 M.

Jazz41085148d ago

And a ps3 fanboy of all people wants to talk about how poorly these titles sold.........We are talking about the 360 not the pS3.

CViper5148d ago

the 360 has no lineup for 2009. and this one is already canceled.
its a bit different than sony's 2009 lineup which im sure you already know of.

truehunter5148d ago

My wonder is where did u get that 2m blue dragon sales ?? If ur talking about World wide then i guess alot of other game isnt a flop. As many of ur word have say n bash other titles makes me wonder if ur making number that dosnt even exits.

locos855142d ago

I actually didn't like Lost Odyssey. I felt like the main character was the most boring one I have ever played with. I didn't get past the first disc.

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Foxgod5148d ago

Nobody here was hyped about it, most people never heard of it, and are looking more forward to Blue dragon 2 from the same studio.

SO shove that controller up your ass.

ravinshield5148d ago

atleast they didnt cancel it because it was to difficult to build on the 360 unlike a crappy system we all know about.

ultimolu5148d ago

At least that crappy system is more reliable than a certain system we know as the XBox 360.

Don't drag the PS3 into something that has nothing to do with the system in the first place.

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NinjaRyu5149d ago

Sad, just really sad, I was hoping to see this game being released!