Borderlands - New gameplay video

2K Games and Gearbox Software published a new gameplay video from Borderlands. Enjoy.

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miasma3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

But I am not very interested in this game anymore, and I was really hoping for another game to add to my already long list. I like the art style though.

LinuxGuru3709d ago

I really hope they give more physical indication of bullets hitting your enemies, because frankly I can't stand when I pump a 30 round clip into a guy and all I see is some jerking animations and a collapsing ragdoll.

Add some blood or something, or bullet wounds...whatever can help give more weight to the guns and your shooting.

OlvaR3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

i had this game on my buying list..but after this video, no longer. this is just lazy work if you compare the texture work with the pc version! and the game its just cell shaded! there is no excuse why they didn't work on the consoles version more! especialy from the moment we have seen far better graphics on both 360 and ps3! even fallout 3 with its super old engine looks better! wtf. just go and take a look at the pictures in the official bordelands site and tell me what you think.

chak_3709d ago

don't forget video compression & all, it'll be a lot better on your screen :)

Not that I care, i'm buying on PC day one, i'm seriously interessted

nix3709d ago

already the FPS genre is so saturated.. and to all this? as much as i like the art, i wish they had used it for some other game. a waste, it is.

lawrence360x3709d ago

I see is that it takes way too many clips to kill someone. And as for me I dont like the co-op, only because I like my RPG'S the way there supposed to me me against the world. Also the worst part of the co-op is that you must stay with your crew , like if I wanted to explore the world and my buddies want to stay with the mission the game wont let you , everyone must go everywhere together THAT IS CRAP .

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