IGN: Crash 'N The Boys: Street Challenge Review

IGN writes: "River City Ransom is an undeniable classic in the beat-'em-up genre from the NES era, and Super Dodge Ball is a similarly well regarded sports sim from that same age. Crash 'N The Boys: Street Challenge is from the same series as both of those previous VC re-releases (the Kunio-Kun/Downtown Nekketsu High School franchise), and it plays like a mixture of both concepts -- it's sports-focused, like Super Dodge Ball, but it also lets you beat the snot out of your opponents in most of the events, like River City. If you enjoyed either of those two games (and you should have already downloaded both of them), then you'll love Crash 'N The Boys too. Toss it 500 of your Wii Points, and get in there to give old whiny Todd Thornley something to really cry about".

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Shnazzyone3709d ago

I think I know what i'm buying with my internet channel refund now. :-D