IncGamers - Cursed Mountain Review

IncGamers' Spanner Spencer is haunted by his experiences on Cursed Mountain.

From the article: "First of all, Cursed Mountain scores bonus points for not only bringing a horror game to the sickeningly family-friendly Wii (terminally single men like to wave motion sensitive controllers about the place too, you know) but for making a sincere effort to break the monotonies this genre has been bogged down with lately."

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Fyzzu3714d ago

Sounds like Project Zero/Fatal Frame in terms of atmosphere, if not actual mechanics. Which is a shame, as I think that series has some of the better survival horror mechanics going.

Chazmers3714d ago

here i was hoping it would match up to the best mature title of the wii, resi evil 4. still a good score though

Leord3714d ago

It's a good score, and since there's so few "adult" games for the Wii. it's an excellent addition.

Redrudy3714d ago

I agree Leord. This is one reason my Wii doesn't see the light of day.