Cursed Mountain - What Went Wrong?

PeanutButterGamer takes a look at one of the Wii's few survival horror titles, Cursed Mountain, and what went wrong with it.

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Pikajew2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I wanted to get this game for a while now

If it was on PS3 and xbox it would have sold better

Titanz2501d ago

The best thing about the PS3 and Xbox 360, is the ability to play demos. Also, downloading full games is another reason CM would've sold more.

GameTavern2501d ago

I don't buy that really.

It was just an odd concept game that got lost in the shuffle.

Baka-akaB2501d ago

You gotta admit that the wii is hardly the best target for a demo interested in survival horror games . That's just not the kind of games the "usual" folks got in mind for their wii purchases .

Even if the console still got the current best horror game : Fatal frame

Theyellowflash302501d ago

Crappy games don't sell better just because their on the PS3 and 360. This game has design, structure, pacing flaws.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2501d ago

Silent hill shattered memories was a much better game.

FaSCoRP2501d ago

I played Cursed Montain for a while, it was polished, it has production but, the camera choice made me almost sick. I was not able to play it for more than an hour without feeling dizzy

user39039992501d ago

I don't think grandma will buy these type of games.

Venox20082501d ago

actually this game felt monotonous for me, other thing it didn't have many good reviews and lots of advertising, so maybe that's the problem