Project Gamers: Fuel Review: A Great Big Game…and that's it.

Tim from Project Gamers writes: Eifel 65, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Twisted Sister, and Wild Cherry. Anyone know what the four aforemention bands/artists have in common? Other than having almost nothing to do with video games, these four bands all fall in the categoy of "one-hit-wonders," or to use another label, they were one-trick-ponies. They rested on one leg, so to speak, when it came to their careers, and once that leg gave out they found themselves flat on their face and forgotten. The post-apocalyptic racing game Fuel is also a one-trick-pony, and that one trick is the unbelievable size of the game and the amount of things to do in it. Without a doubt, there are few games if any out today, especially racing games, that offer as much as Fuel does: it's bigger than anything else (over 5,000 square miles!!), and it takes longer to complete than almost anything else. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no reason I can think of to actually do all the things in the game. It's incredible size is matched only by its incredible boredom. Don't worry about skipping this title because other than saying you played the biggest racing game ever made, there is nothing else interesting about this game.

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