The Adventures of Lolo – Sequel, Spin Off, Start Over or Stay Dead?

Welcome to this week's, "Sequel, Spin Off, Start Over or Stay Dead?" Each week we're going to look at a dormant franchise that was once pretty popular, but for some reason has disappeared into the sands of time. Diehard GameFAN staffers will have four options for what they want to have happen to the series and you can see them in the title of this piece.

This week, Diehard GameFAN's Editor in Chief, Alexander Lucard, felt it was time to take a look at series that has been dead since the 8-Bit era. Even so, the characters and the games themselves are so timeless, gamers have been begging HAL Labs to release another game in this series. However, since 1994 HAL has turned a deaf ear on requests for more entries into this series. Let's see how the Diehard GameFAN staff feels about a return to The Adventures of Lolo franchise.

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