Gaming on a Budget

Not only does it feel great not to pick up the bill on a date but it also pays to be a cheap-ass when it comes to purchasing games. Unless you've lived under a rock for the past year or so, the world's economy is in shambles but thanks to great word of mouth, and companies being really generous with their offerings, it's a little of Column A, and a little of Column B. This article will show off some of the better deals in gaming in the past, present, and future, spanning all gaming platforms and genres.

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lh_swe3717d ago

This holiday will probably be the first time, is anyone else having trouble deciding which games to buy this holiday season? I'm actually praying some games will get delayed.

JeremiahYap3717d ago

The PS3 "Greatest Hits" games are always nice to purchase even though they're old titles. Renting games is now a viable option for me.

Mezt_up3717d ago

Usually I save up for the games I know i want and then there are the occasional times where I go "I have a bit of extra cash....i'll try something random". Those days are over for me this year. Laid off for one of my part time jobs so only have a few hours of work a week to earn money (i'm a student)