Unreal Tournament 3: Bonus Pack 3 Volume 4 released

Some of the best Unreal Tournament level designers from around the world have returned for the fourth Community Bonus Pack installment, now available to download.

Since CBP1 for Unreal Tournament 2003, the CBP has been known for its professional-quality content that is considered an essential addition to any UT install.

The pack features 11 new maps (4 DM, 5 DOM, 1 CTF, 1 WAR) and two new pickups. It also includes the Domination gametype.

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St05422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

I might buy UT3 again since it's sill getting lots of free maps for PS3. It's only £9 in the UK anyway so might aswell. This is what DLC should be like, FREE!

napoleon_ist5422d ago

unreal ps3 now supports 1080p since version 2.0 (the graphics are just amazing anyway on a 19" 720p monitor with hdfury).

well this free pack is good news except for the poor xbots left in the dust crying and moaning.

St05422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

Really?! :O why didn't I read about this! lol. That's awesome

OtherWhiteMeat5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

You can go to ut3mod.com and see what levels are available. CBP pack 3 &4 aren't available just yet but will be soon. For $10 there's a lot of bang for the buck. The site I listed is for PS3 only.

pixelsword5422d ago

I had to get this one for the PS3, the free maps and skins were too good to turn down. I'm only a few days from getting a Platinum in that game, too; Lord willing I'll get it this week.

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only on playstaychun5422d ago

I never understood why UT3 was never popular in consoles. I own the game and it would be great if the community wasn't practically dead. Great addition nevertheless.

Orange Juice5422d ago

the game is so underrated among the other console shooters that it baffles me. at least there are always a few vctf & dm servers to pop in to though.

ZombieAutopsy5422d ago

it was kinda over looked because it was released around the same time as CoD:MW, but i agree i wish more people played and the people that played actually used some of the nicer mods.

only on playstaychun5422d ago

Don't think CoD:MW is the main reason. I think there isn't a fan base and community for such an old school shooter like this on consoles. I am glad Epic keep supporting the game. The game has so much potential, in all the different game modes and also the fact that it is one of the few shooters that requires a lot of skill to master.

Sarcasm5422d ago

I have the game too, but haven't touched it since the split-screen patch.

n4gno5422d ago

You are right, it's unfair..

unreal is the father of the copycat halo, and it's way better (+ free upgrade, mods, etc)

pixelsword5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

I think most of all is because Malcolm was virtually the star of of the series until Epic (most likely Cliffy B) totally wrecked his character and put probably the biggest @$$-h013 in game history as the star. I know that ticked-off a lot of people who like the series. Epic has a nice engine, but their weakest point is character development. UT III would probably been better with no story at all than the train-wreck they stitched onto UT III. Don't get me wrong I love the game... for the GAMEPLAY. The story was like sitting down on Thanksgiving Day to a big plate of used toilet tissue.

Also it was never widely advertised that UT III has Keyboard support.
UTIII has/had a cult PC following Just like Quake III arena, and PC users who have followed the series are probably aren't giving it up for controllers when an above someaverage player with a mousepad and keyboard will likely mop the floor with some of the best people who use controllers. Typically, twitch-shooters are best played on PC's because of the keyboards.

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Spawnofgods3335422d ago

can anyone tell me where to find the jet pack mod for ps3?

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Tech Focus - Motion Blur: Is It Good For Gaming Graphics?

Opinion is divided on this one for sure! Is motion blur good for gaming? Why do developers include it?

TheOptimist2215d ago

I hate any game that has motion blur and the first thing I do is switch off the motion blur in games. It just makes me nauseous.

XentaJones2214d ago

motion blur makes me sick... so its off.

OpenGL2214d ago

I agree with Alex here, many implementations are terrible but when it is done right it improves the experience.

2214d ago
TheSplooge2214d ago

I always turn it off. Along with depth of field.

Mr_Wilson2214d ago

Those plus vignetting, chromatic aberration, and film grain.