Game Character special: Master Chief

GameCloud wrote a new special during their Game Character month. This time they will explore Master Chief! How did Master Chief take shape? And how did he evolve during his lifetime? You will also find out that Master Chief not only exists in the Halo games but also in other media.

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Saaking3717d ago

Master Chief is one of the worst characters in video games. No personality, horrible voice actor, very lame indeed.

TROLL EATER3716d ago

SAAKING is the biggest lowlife in N4g

da720izcumin3716d ago

take it from a connoisseur when it comes to FPS.
MC is the quintessential character of these type of games, let me give you examples:

- gordon freeman
- Doom (the protagonist was nameless)
- Denton (deux ex)
- bioshock guy (john or jack or jason)
- agent 007 in golden eye
- gina (Unreal)
- joanna (PD)

dude, you should know that MC is actually ostracized for being too talkative right. the general consensus is that the less developed the character happens to be, the more immersed the player will be to the environment and actions of the world.

BTW, you might as well skip my comment since all you were trying to do, is troll this here thread; in the hopes of keeping people from liking one of the best game characters in our generation.
in that case, bravo you failed.

el_bandito3717d ago

Forgive me for my poor comprehension but I don't understand anything past the first paragraph. Maybe its not translated good enough.

davey9753717d ago

I know, translation of Google is not the best and it also ruins the layout.

Microsoft Xbox 3603717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Master Chief is the Hannah Montana of video games. Popular but corny.

UnSelf3717d ago

i hope this isnt an article praising MC. im really sick oh those. Like, really whats so great about him?

He can jump high and dual wield and hit hard. Am i missing something?

kaveti66163716d ago

His character and story is better laid out in the Halo novels than in the video games. The video games do a terrible job of developing his character and relationship with Cortana and the UNSC.

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The story is too old to be commented.