Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Trophy List

Trophy list for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Uncharted: Among Thieves

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Megaton4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

Very similar to the first game. More relics, Strange Relic is back, upped the ante on Survivor and several others from the first game. Glad that they're not overly focused on multiplayer trophies like most games.

Cwalat4146d ago

Please, can someone tell me if there are spoilers in the trophy list like "You just killed Sully" or something in that matter?

I don't want to spoil anything before purchase but i would still like to check out the challenges before hand!


Megaton4146d ago

No, they don't have boss/chapter completion trophies.

Serjikal_Strike4146d ago

i was thinking they were gonna have some crazy mp kill streaks or wins

good list..cant wait 2 play it

Cwalat4146d ago

Thanks Xiphos, i'll take a look now =)

SixTwoTwo4146d ago

I hate those "10k kills" and "win xxx online matches" trophies. I'm relieved U2 doesn't have them.

Why Dat4146d ago

So true man. I agree with you 100%+!!!

raztad4146d ago

Those trophies just show that in UC2 what really matters is the Single Player experience. Cant wait to get that Platinum.

Gregmonk4146d ago

I cant wait for this game, it looks amazing.

sunnygrg4146d ago

Behold, this will be my 27th platinum :P

el_bandito4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

yey! very similar to the first one with more treasures to find. And thank God there's no MP,online and spoiler trophies. Having the crushing mode again at least guarantees you with at least 2 playthroughs. The thing I love with Uncharted trophies is you don't have to concentrate on those trophies as most of them will just pop out as your game progresses. Sweet! =)

SnuggleBandit4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )


at many above...ya in an interview they stated that there weren't going to be any crazy multiplayer trophies because they want the plat to be reasonable and let people still have "fun" while trying to get it

and it looks like this plat is gonna be just the right difficulty...just a little harder than the first

badz1494146d ago

this list indicates that the game is still focusing on SP which I really LOVE! I don't have much time to spend online like many other people and I really hate it when I can't get platinum just because of the online trophies which I don't have enough time (or maybe skill) to get them! I'll definitely platinum this for the love of Uncharted!

jwatt4146d ago

I'm looking forward to getting all the trophies in this game. After Infamaous came out I became a big trophy hunter.

Microsoft Xbox 3604146d ago

MS would've charged for a demo equivalent to that.

N4GAddict4146d ago

good to see it focused on sp

BkaY4146d ago

in warhawk as soon as i can coz once uncharted 2 is in my hands then i wouldnt touch anything unless i ll get the plat...

peace... i think i should try to get plat in uncharted .... huuuummmmmm

ok im off....


AntoineDcoolette4146d ago

Awesome' there's only like two online trophies and they're really easy to get. <3 ND

randomwiz4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

That looks like a big trophy list. The thing that kind of scares me is if you have to play it 4 times in order to get platinum because there's a trophy for completing easy, another for completing normal, and another for completing hard, and so on.

I may be wrong(you might unlock the easy, and normal and hard trophies just for beating hard), so someone correct me?

I might not be getting platinum, but i'll get 99% of the trophies, and spend the rest of my time online.

gaffyh4146d ago

Yeah, very similar to the first game, except every trophy is just a little bit harder.

Carl14124146d ago

Pretty much the same as the first game, which is a good thing because i loved the trophies in the first game!

Only 2 online trophies too, so i'll jump into one cooper and one compet game for the trophies :)

Multi-Console Owner4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

I thought for sure that I would be getting the R2 Platinum but I didn't. The one and only trophy holding me back is the 10,000 kills in competitive. I thought I would get that one pretty easy since I LOVED R:FoM's multiplayer but I thought wrong. I fvcking HATED R2's multiplayer! Here's why:

Ridiculous grenade spamming.

It's flawed matchmaking always put me up against super high leveled people who had every unlock while was really low leveled with nothing. I can't even count how many times I got owned with a LAARK with I'm running around with my carbine and my sh1tty shield berserk.

The weapons in R2's MP were incredibly unbalanced! Everybody just used the Carbine since it had the grenade launcher and almost every dead guy dropped a grenade for the launcher. The other guns sucked compared to the carbine even when somebody didn't have a grenade for their launcher since their damage or accuracy wasn't as good as the carbine's.

I was also disappointed with R2's maps and it's "dynamically changing objectives that change depending on what's going on in the game". The only thing that changed about the objectives, was that you had to run half way across the map and sit next to a beacon for 1 minute and then repeat over and over for 10 minutes; that's not a change in objectives, that just moving objectives. Insomniac made it sound like the objectives would be change in something similar to this order:

Defend your base.
If the enemy captures it and one their players was doing particularly well, go kill him specifically (like a VIP mode).
Steal an enemy power core thing.
Capture their main base (not a neutral base).

But instead you just capture some neutral bases and sometimes kill a particular completely random enemy player; there was no real reason that caused the objectives to switch between capturing a base and killing a random enemy -- LAME!

You also couldn't earn XP in custom games which was the most fun part of R:FoM's MP! I loved 1 hit shoguns in the Subway, 1 hit Carbine's in the Bus Yard and 1 hit snipers in the Hanger and earning XP for all of it! I guess Insomniac didn't want people to boost their stats, but who cares as long as the other 99% of people who don't boost are having fun?


I'm glad U2 doesn't have any stupid trophies like that and that it's MP is actually FUN.

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ThatCanadianGuy4146d ago

GOTY 09.

I look forward to adding this platinum trophy to my collection.

Dutch Boogie4146d ago

GOTY indeed. The game just screams quality. Also the multiplayer will give loads of replayability to the game.

NegativeCreep4274146d ago

Tell me of all the trophies after the fact. I just WANT THIS GAME NOW!!!

4146d ago
Axecution4146d ago

Well, don't those look a little familiar for some reason?

That's actually kinda disappointing. lol. Oh well. Platinumed Uncharted Drakes Fortune, and i'll be platinuming this too. >.>
It's just too bad that they pretty well used the same trophy list again.

Hitman_Legend4146d ago

I think the names are the exact same thing as well, that's kind of a little disappointing, but I don't doubt that it's going to be a quality game because the first one was great, and at least the trophies definitely seem like a doable platinum so that's a small issue.

Dutch Boogie4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

Cool i can't wait to platinum this baby. That reminds me, i have to finish Uncharted:Drakes Fortune on crushing. I'll pop that in tonight. Funny thing is i'll probably still be overwhelmed by how fantastic it is.


jack_burt0n4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

They must view the MP shop totally differently in terms of rewards.

edit: keep the non mp players happy is a good idea :)

swinesucker4146d ago

Totally, this is a single player experience with multi added on and you get all that stuff to buy anyway. This is still uncharted to think that they would change the game completely to change the trophy list is absurd. It still is Uncharted with the same mechanics just bigger and badder and WAY MORE TREASURES!

Dutch Boogie4146d ago

True they probably see the MP as an added bonus. They obviously focused more on the SP part of the game. Oh well, i was gonna buy it for that alone so no probs.

Redempteur4146d ago

i'm quite happy by that list ...

Killzone had way too much Mp trophies ..U2 is focused on the Sp expérience and it'll great ... i'll be able to enjoy this Mp game at my own rythm

And if needed they can add aditionnel trophies with Mp maps packs