Senior Producer Explains the Power of the PS3

The MLB: The Show franchise exclusively on PlayStation platforms, has driven baseball simulators to the next level with the most realistic and detailed games from the sport. Today is glad to announce that they have one of the Senior Producers of MLB 09: The Show with them to answer some of their questions.

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- Ghost of Sparta -4422d ago

Well, coming from a developer which contributed to the finest sports game I've ever played running 1080p native + 60 fps, I believe every word he's got to say.

Shadow Flare4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

Yeah....if there's anyone out there who still thinks bluray does nothing for gaming, read this interview and then sit in a corner and dwell.

"The fact that the PS3 is bluray supported is HUGE. The 25gb single layer and 50gb dual layer was one of the best things to happen to our game"

And just a reminder:

Gran Turismo 5: 1000 cars
Forza 3: 400 cars

So yeah.....bluray is a bit handy

Nick2120044422d ago

I couldn't agree with you anymore. I would love the NFL license to expire for EA Sports and see what Sony can do with a football game on the PS3.

Rigmaster4422d ago

"if there's anyone out there who still thinks bluray does nothing for gaming"

There really isn't anyone who actually believes that damage control meme.

No one would be making such an asinine claim if this wasn't the first generation to have a console with less storage space than a previous gen.

Nick2120044422d ago

According to the Senior Producer, Blu-ray makes game development MUCH easier.

FlatulentGhost4422d ago

I really didn't understand why people always talked so highly of The Show. Just thought is was another sports game, just with PS3 level graphics.

I decided to try the demo just to finally see what people were talking about. I was absolutely blown away by how good the game is. It was really quite a shock at what a good time I had. I don't play sports games and the last one I played had to be back in the Genesis days.

Even though I don't see myself playing The Show very much if I get it with the mind boggling number of other PS3 games coming out, will probably pick it up when it drops more in price just for the sake of how much it impressed me.

ZBlacktt4422d ago

@ Shadow Flare

FXIII 1 blu-ray, or 4 to 5 DVD's :D

MGS4, KZ2, UnCharted 1 and 2, Heavy Rain, etc, etc. Not possible as stated on the other console.

ZBlacktt4422d ago

Done tastefully, not fanboyish. Good read.

G3TDOWN4422d ago

didn't you guys learn it from Killzone 2, uncharted and MGS4 ?

What's new ?

ZBlacktt4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )


I guess what's new is you can now add MLB 09 to your list of Dev's to talk about it. Point is, it's Dev's talking about "their" titles. Which as far as were considered. We could read it all day long. :D Makes ya proud to own such a machine.

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TrevorPhillips4422d ago

nice interview, the game is looking great and I know there is more power on the PS3 that they can pull out.

Nick2120044422d ago

Thanks man. Glad to hear you liked the interview.

thereapersson4422d ago

If not THE greatest.

MLB: The Show is simply a must-have for ANY baseball fan.

This isn't opinion, it's hands-down a fact.

chisox1004422d ago

Sony could make an NFL franchise right now if they wanted. 2K sports has an exclusive hold on the baseball franchise rights but since The Show is not 3rd party it can be made, same with an nfl title

theroadtoruin4422d ago

@Nick212004 i was just talkin about that the other day

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