Important Importables: [email protected]

Gamertell has posted its weekly column that focuses on notable game-related imports from Japan and Japanese gaming.

From this week's article:

"One of Namco Bandai's most popular series in Japan is a game that will most likely never see a release outside of the country. I'm talking about [email protected], a game which casts players as producers and tasks them with discovering and creating the next singing sensation.

The reason it will likely remained trapped in Japan is simple. The [email protected] games feature voice acting by a number of different actresses who not only speak the lines for their characters, but also sing every single song available in the game. Games can feature over 10 songs, and typically have 9-10 idols to choose.

In honor of The [email protected] Dearly Stars, the first DS game in the series and the first entry in the [email protected] 2nd Vision series, Important Importables' is devoted to the series today."

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