PSLS Review - FRAGnStein Controller

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "Shooters generally attract a competitive bunch. Between the trash talk and bragging rights players often use any means necessary to get a competitive edge. Bannco's FRAGnStein presents an intriguing option for the console gamer that takes their shooting seriously. PC gamers have lauded the use of the mouse since the first shooters started appearing on consoles. PlayStation LifeStyle runs the FRAGnStein through a shooting decathlon and the results are impressive."

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ps3gamerkyle5136d ago

I haven't heard of this before...May have to grab myself one!

mastiffchild5136d ago

Always makes my heart sink when I see things like this and the Frag FX or Splitfish appearing for consoles. I left the PC frag scene behind as I got sick of having to uphrade my mouse set up AS WELL as my GFX cards and sound cardsa all the damn time just to stay in the game!

Now, on UT3 I thought it was fine as those with a sixaxis could tell when playing a mouse enabled game but these things just give an advantage to those who know about and can afford them and , to me, the nicde thing about online console shooters is the feeling that it's a fairer fight with everyone on the very same tech, same controller same everything. This wrecks my egalitarian vision completely and introduces a needless ability to sneak an advantage when, if we were all still using the same pads it would remain a better and truer test of skill.

These things on consoles are even worse and give more advantage than a better mouse on PC does as a pad is behind a mouse to begin with so using one would, for me, be exactly the same feeling as cheating. I know from experience how much better a good mouse player is than a great pad player and considering over half of the people you'll play on consoles won't even know these exist makes it seem even worse to me.

I'm sure I'm about the only person who feels this way but I'd like to know that whoever beats me, or I beat, does it on an even as possible playing field letting us admire the skill of the victor-sadly with these becoming more common that general feeling(yes I know people glitch and cheat but that's just idiots)is going to disappear now. If there was a way of allowing them in games BUT letting people know they're being used, giving the purists like me a choice it wouldn't be cuch a rape of the fairer sustem we once(nearly) had;)

DoucheVader5136d ago

SOCOM is a excellent fit for this controller. COD: MW & COD: WAW worked great as well.

Surprisingly Resident Evil 5 didn't do so bad!

Lifewish5136d ago

Looks pretty cool good review

Sev5136d ago

I never really gamed on a PC so I don't have much experience with a mouse and keyboard.

I might give this a try though.

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Diablo 4 Is Finally Coming to Steam

If you're among those who wanted to play Diablo 4 on PC but have been holding out for a Steam release, the wait is almost over following today's announcement.

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Tapani4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

I was initially interested in this as it looked externally closer to Diablo 2 than 3, but it does seem like the game is not a great single player action rpg I was hoping for. If you take all the press and whatnot hype out of it, is this really any good, for example compared to Diablo 2 or Grim Dawn? The latter has not been as addictive and interesting for me as Diablo 2, but maybe it will get better as I progress. I'm looking for a 100% single-player side of this.

Daver3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

I got the sorcerer to 82 and I thought it would be good similar to diablo 2 but the thing is it is boring. All the dungeons feel the same, the loot is uninteresting you find unique, you pick it up and you continue without looking at it because you know its probably bad and not very different from what you have. You never feel powerful unless you make The Build everyone is using on internet

Plague-Doctor2711m ago(Edited 10m ago)

The campaign is fine but the end game is pretty terrible, boring, repetitive, and unrewarding.

The game has lost an absurd 99.3%+ of its player base once the seasonal content started

It didnt scratch the D2 itch for me at all

Azurite3h ago

The Steam reviews will be interesting.

Knightofelemia3h ago

I thought it was all ready out on Steam when the game came out.

Tacoboto3m ago

Call of Duty MW2 was day and date I believe, but this (like OW2) had a staggered release.

Personally if I bought it for PC I'd only do so through Steam; I can hope though if the Activision merger goes through that they'll convert digital Xbox purchases to Xbox Play Anywhere.

slate913h ago

Here comes the review bombing

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LordoftheCritics9h ago

Two negatives should make a positive

Godmars2904h ago

Only true in math. In the real world its just two layers of s**t.