MP: Politicians should stop thinking about game violence

Shadow Culture Secretary Ed Vaizey is one of the few politicians in Britain who actually understands and appreciates the good that videogames do, and has been a supporter of the industry for a long time. While registering for the London Games Conference, Vaizey spoke highly of games and criticized his fellow politicians for focusing entirely too much on the violence issue.

"I'm delighted to be speaking to the London Games Conference. The games sector is one of the most successful creative industries in the UK, but it has been forgotten by Government," Vaizey claims. "While Canada and France aggressively compete to attract talent, all our politicians can talk about is video games violence.

"Yet games should be a dream for a politician -- it recruits people qualified in difficult subjects, like maths and computer science; it's regional; and it's successful and world-beating. Government backing should be a no-brainer."

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Ninjamonkey4337d ago

The games industry is huge, and it motivates more people to take skilled and difficult courses in mathematics and coding.

Its a big industry worth billions of pounds and our polititians are making it so hard for game devs to get set up. This means a lesser economy for us, and it also means that many skilled workers are moving to other countries, including America which leaves us with less skilled workers.

Its complete idiocy and its obvious why polititians do it. With all the accusations of using our money needlessly in expesnisea and regular news articles which begs the question of how trustworthy our polititians are they use games to gain kudos.

They know that by bashing violent games they are gaining the support of parents, mainly those who are too lazy to properly supervise their kids and what games they play. Thats all it is, its just to get some of the pulic, the misinformed, and lazy part of the public, on their side.