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wUTTer3415d ago

Voice recognition, facial recognition, head tracking.

Sony's momentum is unstoppable.

Zedux3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

the best part is that the ps3 hardware can back all this efforts so we will see some other amazing features coming our way! If I had bought any other console than the ps3 I would feel robed!

wxer3415d ago

natal got nothing on PSeye

-x.Red.x-3415d ago

The best part is that the eyetoy is about 30 bucks

and I highly doubt Natal is going to be $20...

y0haN3415d ago

Shame they still don't have cross-game voice chat.

dgroundwater3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Natal already has all these things.

Both of these peripherals are capable of things none of us have ever experienced yet. The games that support them are all that matter at the end of the day anyway.

Mike134nl3415d ago

Nice voice recognition in 20 + languages, hope it will work as fine and better than in end war. Facial recognition, head tracking also cool

Won't be long before Microsoft will do the same. With natal Microsoft does have an edge featuring these futures thanks to their infra-red camera, inboard processor on natal and previous experience with voice recognition software on pc's.

Question being how big of an advantage this will be and if the advantage will be noticeable.

ChozenWoan3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Natal will be using a dedicated processor just for Voice and Facial Recognition (V&FR), while the PS3 will be tapping directly into the power of the Cell. Due to the processing power needed for V&FR, games requiring a heavy amount of these features will have to suffer graphically on the PS3. This in effect means that both systems will finally be even in processing power.

Of coarse, there will always be those games that will skimp on V&FR features and go for Graphics Greatness, but it is interesting to see how Natal will be such a decisive tactic for MS. I'm not going to say that MS is going to win this console gen, but they are not going down without a fight. Which is good for us gamers as we are the ones who are paying to see the Heavyweight match of the decade... that will take a decade just to find out who wins. lol

"Shame they still don't have cross-game voice chat."

Shame they still don't charge up to $500 over the life of the console just for "chatting privileges".... PER ACCOUNT!!! 0.O

SoulBrotha32923415d ago

Isnt this what Natal is going to have when being launched..n when they mentioned all these ideas..all the sony fanboys said it was a stupid idea..BUT NOW WHEN SONY wants 2 copy MS AGAIN its the best thing in the world LMAO wow hypocrites

ChozenWoan3415d ago

Sony has had this tech for years, the reason they didn't want to implement it just yet is due to it being so processor intensive. Hence the reason Natal has a processor dedicated to it inside the cam rather than MS just using the cam the 360 already has. Sony has publicly displayed this tech for the past 3-5 years at events such as GDC, which most people don't pay attention to the way they follow E3.

So to say Sony is fallowing MS is a bit of a stretch, especially since Sony has actually implemented some of this tech into the PS2's Eyetoy. Believe it or not, one of the reasons Soccom was such a big hit on the PS2 was due to it featuring voice recognition. As for facial recognition, Eyetoy had a game in dev called Eyedentify which likely didn't get released do to the amount of processing power needed to run smoothly wasn't available in the PS2.

So to get it correct, MS is copy/pasting Sony. I'm not trying to knock Natal, just correct the misconception. It's like watching a child get excited when Uncle Larry shows them how he can pull off his thumb. Then when pops shows them how he taught Uncle Larry how to do it when they where kids, he's treated like his trick is not as good... when it's the same trick.

Ohh well, wait until MS shows you how they can pull an invisible rabbit out of it's invisible hat... ohh they did at E3 09! lol

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Dylan is talented3415d ago

ps3 is the future and the future is ps3

lordkemp0073415d ago

Heavens above PS3 'It only does everything .'

LukaX233415d ago

Wow lots of awesome Sony news today. I'm loving it!

Madis0073415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Sony owns evrything.

Consoles,games,movies,music,i phone,phones,TVs,laptops,MP3,B l u-Ray,camera and more and more.

Sony is future !!!

3D games,3D TVs, voice recogition and more and more.
Nothing cant stop Sony.


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