Nirvana members dismayed by 'Guitar Hero 5'

Kurt Cobain's appearance in the latest "Guitar Hero" video game is not hitting the right notes with the surviving members of Nirvana.

Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl said in a joint statement Thursday that they were "dismayed and very disappointed" that an avatar of the late Nirvana frontman could be used to play songs by other artists.

"While we were aware of Kurt's image being used with two Nirvana songs, we didn't know players have the ability to unlock the character," they said. "This feature allows the character to be used with any kind of song the player wants. We urge Activision to do the right thing in 're-locking' Kurt's character so that this won't continue in the future."

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PirateThom4939d ago

Activision don't care. They'll peddle out dead celebrities as much as they can.

I doubt Johnny Cash got much say either.

Feral Gamer4939d ago

It's the estate/family/whatever which signs off on it. Activision followed proper protocol and got permission. Blame the people signing the agreement.

usern4g4938d ago

As much as I dont approve of the rush to `boycott` games (or anything else without cogent reason) I support this. Nirvana is a counter-culture paragon and should be treated with reverence.

AnonUser55554939d ago

I understand his former bandmates being upset--they had no control over the situation. What I absolutely do not get, however, is Courtney Love's apparent disgust: She's the one who signed the agreement!

- Ghost of Sparta -4939d ago

She signed the agreement and now she's suing? Dumb whore rofl.

mxdan4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

Sure she may be stupid for not reading the entire agreement. But she doesn't want someone like kurt being treated like a joke in a game. Calling her a whore is in entirely bad taste GoS.

IzKyD13314938d ago

But she is a whore....that's a fact

mxdan4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

My issue is more with the word whore in general. Look I know Courtney is a sell out and she does pathetic sh*t on stage but the word whore is probably the most demeaning thing you can say to a girl and in my opinion is on par with the word nigger and other social taboos.

Anybody that uses that word is simply careless and simply pathetic.

mfwahwah4938d ago

^ Different words have different connotations. For me "cunt" would be worse than "whore."

Besides, let people use their own vocabulary. Free speech motha ****a.

mxdan4938d ago

And I'm exercising my right to protest a word that was totally uncalled for.

Your point???

mfwahwah4938d ago

My point is that people can use any word they want without having to censor themselves based on YOUR precious feelings.

You are trying to censor someone because of YOUR problem with some letters that happen to mean a word.

Free speech used to express distaste is far better than free speech used to hold back free speech, commie.

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Major_Tom4939d ago

I love this dudes music, but honestly he's a musician he's not a martyr by any means, he was strung out on drugs half the time and lost all his moneyz. So really, yeah it sucks they're stringing this dude up on a cross for it to rain dollar bills but people are taking this way to far.

OH BTW: Courtney Love is a dumbass.

aldesko4939d ago

"While we were aware of Kurt's image being used with two Nirvana songs, we didn't know players have the ability to unlock the character"

OMG! I thought Kurt could only play Nirvana songs in real life! /sarcasm

And I basically agree with everything Major_Tom said.

Feral Gamer4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

LOL, look at the yahoo photo in the article. He looks so wasted, I don't see how druggies can get so popular. It's basically glamorizing the lifestyle.

Love was probably wasted when she signed the agreement. She doesn't remember it because she was sky high.

Activision got the proper papers and even Grohl signed according to Rolling Stone. I've posted the link before, but here it is again.

"Indeed, securing the proper approvals was no small feat. Not only did Cobain’s widow Courtney Love have to sign off on behalf of the estate, so did former drummer Dave Grohl and Primary Wave Publishing, which administers the Nirvana catalog."

Maybe they should've asked questions before signging something they didn't understand? Who cares about them being "dismayed" anyway?

djfullshred4939d ago

lol, as if the video game scene isn't chock full of stoners. Preach on...haha

Feral Gamer4938d ago

Pot was the least of the drugs Cobain used. How about coke and heroine? Other substances? There's nothing wrong with pot, but you have a draw a line somewhere.

Harry_Manback4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

I hate it when people judge others when they obviously haven't a clue.
Are you seriously confused as to how Kurt Cobain got so popular? a "druggie"??
Maybe if you had any intellect at all, you would know how he got so popular, along with many, many other musicians who wrote great music whether they were under the influence of drugs/alcohol or not.

Feral Gamer4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

No, I'm saying he got popular because he was a heavy drug user. Just because somebody is a musician and a drug user doesn't make them cool. To idolize these people makes it ok for them to live their drug induced lifestyles.

If you knew someone who was a major coke head and heroine addict, would you hang out with them regularly? I wouldn't. To associate or hang out with someone into heavy drugs is basically saying it's ok, which it isn't.

While I agree that people should be able to use drugs if they want to, it isn't a very good role model for people. Especially when Love had to inject Cobain with Narcan after a heroine overdose instead of calling an ambulance. Then he later went on to perform his concert? That's a loser for you, both Cobain and Love. He needed medical/psychological attention and he chose not to get it. He self medicated with drugs and alcohol which in my book makes him a loser.

*EDIT* @ below
Depends upon the friend. If I told them they had a problem and they ignored me I would kick them to the curb. They have to make the choice to quit, you can't make anybody stop using. No matter how much support you give someone, it's their decision. If they choose drugs over friends/life, then they deserve to hit bottom. How can you hit bottom and recover if people are idolizing you and cheering for you all the time?

This is coming from an alcoholic.

Harry_Manback4938d ago

I don't recall saying using drugs is cool. And for a musician who indulges and has fans that enjoy their music does not make their lifestyle appropriate by any means. But who are you (or I) to judge and point fingers?
And what if you had a good friend who fell victim to an addictive substance? Would you kick him/her to the curb? Hell no, I wouldn't.

Marquis_de_Sade4938d ago

Feral Gamer, if you're an alcoholic, what gives you the right to preach such nonsense? If alcohol was reclassified in this day and age as an illegal substance, many would like to see it in the same bracket as Heroin.

Alcohol is incredibly easy to become dependent on, as well as the fact people using alcohol become more aggressive. No one is claiming Kurt glamorised the use of hardcore drugs, so I'm not really sure why you started this.

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