ars: AMD's next-gen GPU powers Crysis on an iPhone

arstechnica writes,
"While AMD gave a number of very impressive demos of their next-generation DirectX 11 part (detailed technical discussion to follow later this month), OTOY's demo of Crysis running on an iPhone was probably the most profoundly intriguing use of AMD's upcoming GPU that I saw all evening.

Ok, I know that 90 percent of you just did a double-take-Crysis, the standard gaming benchmark for high-end 3D hardware, running on a next-gen GPU on an iPhone? Let me explain."

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RememberThe3573379d ago

I guess we just found out whats going to be in the PSP 2. Everybody get your hopes up!

Nihilism3379d ago

you obviously didn't read it all, the gpu isn't in the iphone, the frames are compressed by a server computer which has the gpu, and it's sent to the iphone, you just use the phone to control it, it's basically crysis as a web based game (at iphone resolution)

DeadlyFire3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Its just cloud gaming concept just the same as OnLive. Only this one has been cooked up by AMD/OTOY companies. OTOY seems to be the one with the name on the service as well. They said 20Mbit will be needed for 1080p to work well. Sounds interesting. I do agree though with PSP2, or DS 2 or whatever could also harness this type of service.

Double Toasted3379d ago

we've actually jumped 10 years in advancement of computer technology...or something.

Major_Tom3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Hmm this was on Reddit a long time ago.... News aggregate...

FYI read the entire article, title is a bit deceiving.

Double Toasted3379d ago

And I don't find the title deceptive at all.

Major_Tom3379d ago

This isn't the GPU alone that's doing the work, that would be a total revolution in micro technology. So yes it actually is a little bit deceiving.

PS360PCROCKS3379d ago

It may be slightly deceptive, but it's all 100% true and follows perfectly in line with the stories contents. Just deal with it, you'll live I promise, and if you don't I'll send your mother a card or something.

RememberThe3573379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Your telling him to deal with it, when it is obvious he doesn't care too much in the first place? lol You guys are great.

EDIT: @Below: Noobs like me. I was totally lost reading that.

Major_Tom3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Accurate descriptions so noobs don't get confuzzled is a main priority especially on this website where people dun hav weeding skittles.

Uninterrupted internet access, up to 20Mbit? Maybe in a few years batman!

Double Toasted3379d ago

talking to who? Now I'm confused...everyone just calm down...relax:P

Major_Tom3379d ago

Yeah it's just a crappy title by ars technica, to simplify this is exactly what OnLive is, handheld.

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PS360PCROCKS3379d ago

very very cool. I don't like handhelds though, too small for me so I'd never use this.

zagibu3379d ago

Also, the control scheme for Crysis on IPhone should be pretty...interesting.

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