DC Universe To Be Free

DCUO continues to be on my short of list heavily anticipated titles right up there with Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Onelastcontinue had an opportunity to talk to Wes Yanagi, Senior Producer at Sony Online Entertaintment at Gamescom 2009, go hands on with the game, and came away impressed despite the game still being in pre-alpha. Wes revealed several details on gameplay, character creation, and one big suprise: no subscription fee

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thebudgetgamer5125d ago

now thats my kind of pricing.


thedisagreefairy5125d ago

i think sony has a sleeper hit ready to go now.

i think alot of gamers will try their first mmorpg with this game.

hell i might even try my first mmo because this superhero idea sounds pretty cool

thebudgetgamer5125d ago

i'm not really an rpg guy aside from ff7 and the original phantasy star. i'm more of a wrpg lover, but with no monthly fee i owe it to my self to try to expand my gaming world.

badz1495125d ago

this might be a sleeper hit! will batman be featured in this game?

deadreckoning6665125d ago (Edited 5125d ago )

OMG, this is the best news ive heard from Sony all year!

Sony's really REALLY impressing me.

alster235125d ago

is this cross platform with the pc

FlatulentGhost5125d ago (Edited 5125d ago )

One just has to look at the massive success Free Realms has turned out to be for Sony to see that they see this as a winning business model.

Last I checked Free Realms was up to 5 or 6 million players and growing fast.

"is this cross platform with the pc"

From the article:

"As impressive as no subscription fee’s is, open platform servers is equally as impressive. To be able to play with or against people on either PC or PS3 could create quite an expansive world. Further to play your created character on either a PC or PS3 would be nice when the PS3 is not accessible."

leyego5125d ago


i wasn't gona pick this up because i didn't want to pay monthly fees.
but if its free thats a different story. i just need the offical 100% word from the devs and im sold.

FlatulentGhost5125d ago

This is the way to do online right:

PSN - free for everyone. You never have to worry about subscriptions or if your friends are currently subscribing. Premium content costs money but nothing that stops you from using the basic service.

Home - free fro everyone. Premium content costs money, but it never stops you from accessing all the areas of Home.

Free Realms - free for everyone. There is half the game that you can access to if you pay a monthly fee, but it is additional content and nothing that stops you from progressing through the free half of the game. I've played for months and never payed a dime and it is the most fun I've had with a MMORPG in a very long time.

I assume DC will be the same model. There will be stuff for people to buy in game, but it will be nothing that stops anyone from playing the game if they don't every buy anything.

FlatulentGhost5125d ago (Edited 5125d ago )

Here is Sony's Free Realms:

This might be the model they are going to implement - click on What is Free Realms?

You have half the classes and quests are free. The other half you pay a 5 dollar a month fee to access.

BTW, Free Realms, though targeted at kids, is incredibly fun. Sony did an amazing job with the game. You don't have to download some 10 gig installer, everything is streamed. You can be playing in about a minute or so after creating a login.

Sarcasm5125d ago

I have to say, this title went from "I'll think about renting it" to maybe "I'll buy it"

Seeing as it will be a nice long experience it will be worth the money.

Sarcasm5125d ago

Oh I get it now, this is the game that MS said "Cross-Platform games" just work better. Maybe he's talking about the PC?


And for those who keep saying "But but but the PC is a MS platform, so if it's on PC/360 it's exclusive to MS!!!"

Then I guess for the first time, PS3 players will be able to play with Microsoft PC players.


I_am_rushin5125d ago

This is great news. IF TRUE. So if next month we find out that DCUO will have subscriptions don't go blaming Sony. Blame this site.

DaTruth5125d ago

Officially on my radar! Guess it's sort of like Home, if it's free, why can't this?(Unless Home makes money with advertisements) This is better than Home though; If anyone gets on that h0m0 crap, you can kick their a$$ with super powers! Or hitting on you with Wonder Woman and their really a dude!

Does anyone still have bad things to say about Sony!

If this isn't really free, people will now call it a Sony lie and say, "Sony said this would be teh free. AHHH Sony lies!!!"

Blaze9295125d ago

Yeah i HIGHLY doubt this is true. I'll wait for an official Word from Sony or a Press Release before I get excited. Would amaze me just how Sony could manage to make this game without any subscription fees.

NoBias5125d ago

Only thing that worries me is that if the no subscription fee is true, the game could easily go to hell pretty quickly. Meaning that support and services being put to stop glitching, hacks and over all stability won't be there (or it won't be there as frequently as it should).

I'd rather pay a small fee for a strong running/well kept MMO vs a free one with bugs and people hacking everywhere. Here's hoping that the game is really stable.

Still, I think we should wait for an official word before people start cheering, hollering and praising. Remember the Killzone 2 "free" map packs?

djfullshred5125d ago

thedisagreefairy - I think you are right. I have never played a MMORPG game before, but this one has my interest. I might be one of those noobs jumping in on this one.

Baka-akaB5125d ago (Edited 5125d ago )


How the hell is there a correlation between subcription and that ?
We are not talking about some lame and cheap f2p mmo from small korean or chinese studios but an actually big commercial project here .You still buy the game obviously .

Besides look at guild wars , it's without subscription , thought not yet open like it's upcoming sequel , but it wasnt ridden with hacks , it's servers have been consistantly stable since early days , and the game had and still got a massive amount of support .

Hell even if it wasnt at first , Gw1 is probably the most balanced pvp game existing .

Subs dont prevent hacking , or awful mmo launches . in fact most paid mmo i've seen have been infested for a short time or not with cheats , and all of them had bad launch , except again guild wars .

And if we were to make analogies , XBL got a lot of hackers , be it to cheat in stuff like cod , or to play pirated versions of game ... while it remains limited to stuff like said cod on the free psn .

vhero5124d ago

Would never have have been free on 360..

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sabestar5125d ago

The free subscription thing just guaranteed Sony Online an extra copy sold (to me hehe)

Kappa Mikey5125d ago

awww man this game is still in the pre-alpha stage, I can't wait no longer! and now I hear it'll be a free subscription. Take note Square Enix! FF14 should be free as well

SprSynJn5125d ago

I doubt FFXIV will be free. If they expect it to sell they will have to compete with Sony, but I seriously doubt they will even consider it competition. So don't expect it to be free.

ReaperXL75125d ago

Hell Yeah!

Been waiting for DC Universe for along time now, and now that I know it's going to be free to play it's all the more exciting.

I'm just glad DC has been getting love from the gaming community lately as i've always been a bigger fan of DC than Marvel.

cheapndirty5124d ago

This is a SOny exclusive that I will buy at day and date. The other exclusives have been great but not enough for me to pre order and all that. Now I have to get my other ps3 friends to buy that too so we can go roam around in DC world.

Sarcasm5125d ago

Except if it doesn't have Cross-Game chat you need to pay $50.