ArmA: Combat Operations Review

It's no surprise that the very qualities that makes ArmA so appealing to its core fan base makes it frustrating and all but unplayable to most other gamers. The fanbase will excuse clumsy controls, reading into our complaints that we are the ones who are deficient. IGN's Steve Butts felt it necessary to say to them now that that is not the case. They're on surer footing however when it comes to embracing the difficulty level of the game and in looking past its dated graphics. It's true that there's more satisfaction found in completing an ArmA level than a Call of Duty level, but it's equally true that ArmA has elicited a stream of obscenities from him that he had not uttered since before he had an impressionable one-and-a-half year old living in his house.

In short, ArmA's adherence to realism and accuracy in terms of weapons and world design is highly commendable and hopefully will inspire other developers in similar directions. It is undoubtedly one of the most realistic military shooters available. On the other hand, that's hardly a justification for such unforgiving difficulty and it's certainly not supported by the game's visuals.

More about the game as well as all new screens available.

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