The PS3 rendering architecture explained

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"The PS3 rendering architecture is designed to be used like this:

The PPE functions as a controller for the entire system.

The SPEs function as the heavy lifters for game logic, physics, and dynamic vertex work. They also are used for some pixel work.
(I've been saying the exact same thing folks)

The RSX functions as the main pixel painter, but it is also used for static geometry.

A PS3 engine will start off with the PPE spawning off tasks to the SPEs and acting as the central control point for the engine. Static geometry is put onto the RSX. PPEs start cranking through tasks in parallel, usually setup to double buffer the data they operate on. A SPE will have its code uploaded, then it starts a DMA fetch for its initial data into to one half its local memory, and then it starts ping ponging back and forth: work through one half the local memory while the second half is being DMAed in, then swap. Ideally you have it setup so that you are effectively hiding almost all of your data loading latencies with the double buffer setup and chaining SPEs together where you do animation, deformation, physics, transformation, lighting all going on in parallel.

The heavy vertex work being done, that data is then sent off to the RSX to be rasterized along with the resident static vertex data. So in effect the PS3's Cell RSX combo is one giant unified rendering system. Depending on the nature of your game, your division of labor between the RSX and Cell will be different. It is entirely possible to do all vertex work on Cell or none. And the same for pixel painting.

What the design of the PS3's rendering architecture brings to developers is the unification of your physics, collision, dynamics, and geometry. On systems like desktop pcs or the 360 you have a division between your geometric data and collision/physics data with each of them sitting in GPU and CPU space respectively. The latest Factor 5 interview talks in general about this design of the PS3 and the Lair engine.

The RSX does exactly what it was designed to do, have the pixel painting power to handle 1080p output. The extra vertex power is a nice addition. The RSX in isolation is not very interesting to talk about. Or is a comparison to standard desktop graphics cards or the Xenos."


Misleading headline changed

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TriggerHappy4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

RSX specs are in and Teamxbox and Ps3forums ( BIGGEST GAMING) rivals are at it again. Extreme fanboyism and facts.

snoop_dizzle4483d ago

here comes another flame war! :(

gta_cb4483d ago

hmmm you seem to be right lol
but then again if you was a fanboy and an article like this came up then wouldnt you expect yourself to want to go deffend your console?
im not defending fanboys just kinda saying yeh duh! (about the flamewar coming) lol =)

gta_cb4483d ago

also just want to say that i havnt read past your comment as there are 62 comments so far ... (prob more now) and there isnt much chance of having a decent convo so... cya in another thread =) lol

rusgreim4483d ago

Your assumption is based on the idea that the PS3's graphics are better, and thus far, head to head titles prove otherwise.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

Couldn't have said it better myself.

TriggerHappy4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

nice song, lol, will definately sell if published, almost every "FANBOY" like you would get a copy

tehcellownu4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

wrong..Every single multiplatform looks the same..The only game so far that showed a crappy port was ubisoft fear..even oblvion on the ps3 runs and look better then xbox360 version..also the games that xbots got that is really great lookin is only gear of wars nothin else..and how long you guys waited for it? one year..if you really want to compare wait till mgs4 and final fantasy viii comes out..and what i dont get is that a lot of devlopers came out and say the ps3 is more powerful but xbots continue to ignore it.

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ITR4483d ago

Flame War waiting to happen..

kdawg2224483d ago

This was posted by a developer, because of this i think is important that it was posted. But this is a good question though, if the xenos or however the hell you spell is so powerful, why does the ps3's gfx look better ?

JsonHenry4483d ago

I really (HONESTLY!!) do not see where the PS3 looks better in any game that is mutliplatform. Not a single one. Show me some screens to prove me wrong, please.