Nintendo Hardware Sales Revealed

Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton has revealed the impressive Worldwide, European and UK sales of the Wii and DS. He said that, "We've sold close to 438,000 Wii's in the UK in five months. It's really hard to have targets – we have seen unprecedented demand." It seems the scale of the results are a surprise even to Nintendo with the targets they set originally having to be "re-assessed all the time".

Here are the full results:


Global: 40m
Euro: 11m
UK: 3.1m


Global: 5.84m
Euro: 1.3m
UK: 438,000

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Maddens Raiders4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

that's a lot of stoopid kids. Impressive. Wii is like the pied - piper of nifty - controller - geeks. I wonder if they all know they're marching to 3rd party oblivion?

Cheers =]

midgard2294486d ago

there are 5.84 million people who have no games to play except zelda, smash bros, mario, metroid and smash bros. poor guys. u'll get a few more games in 3 years we hope >:D.

same for sony, but they're getting over 10 amazing games this year and more in 2008. but i'll have all consoles and enjoy all the great games

ChickeyCantor4486d ago

hey 4 bubble man, you always post crap without thinking first, the Wii will have allot of games this year and sure will get more in 2008.

"Euro: 1.3m
UK: 438,000 "
anyhow......UK is in europe....................

Pheneus4486d ago

there seems to be a lot of great exclusive 3rd party coming for the Wii, it is just that a lot of it is just being announced now, even though it is over 50% done. As for the PS3, I can't think of any exclusives this year worth buying except for Lair, so they would be the company I would be most worried about, especially considering their lackluster install base.

Sly4484d ago

well you should see alot of wii sales anyways sinced it nearly launched a couple of months back. But DS, good for you.