Dragon Age's moral choices will be 'aggressively grey'

Destructoid writes: "Moral choice" is a term thrown around a lot by developers these days, promising a game that will give you dilemmas, make you think, and introduce shades of grey. Let's face it, most of them fail and boil down to extreme black-and-white moralities that represent gameplay, not moral, choices. Dragon Age: Origins lead designer Mike Laidlaw believes Dragon Age is as close as you can get, with an "aggressively" moral grey area.

"We're trying to be a lot more grey than that, aggressively," he tells Destructoid. "Okay, the Blight is pretty much evil, it's out to destroy everything in its path and really there's not a whole lot of redeeming qualities to that as an agenda.

"But at the same time you have characters that have their own motivations, opportunities for you to be opportunistic, and maybe do something that's inherently evil but at the same time, a part of being a Grey Warden and carrying the fate of the world on your shoulders, maybe it's what you think you have to do. It's a choice you have to make.

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Nihilism4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

sounds good, but bioware are always good in their gameplay and story elements, the one downside of this game seems to be the graphics, but we'll find out soon enough,

does anyone know if this was another bioware engine game?

EDIT: NVM, eclipse engine eh!?

Simon_Brezhnev4343d ago

I wanna get this but im wondering how long the game is and i never really played a western rpg but i hear nothing but praises from bioware so i'll try it and i always hated star wars.

TheColbertinator4342d ago

I want this game so bad.I am optimistic of the gray moral choices since I enjoyed them greatly in Jade Empire and Obsidian's KOTOR 2