Neocrisis - Bayonetta Cameos As A Waitress In Dream C Club?

Neocrisis - It looks like Sega's new upcoming sexy heroine(?) Bayonetta, makes a cameo in the Xbox 360 import-only waitress sim/pantsu flashing, Dream C Club. She's so close in looks actually, it's almost as if it was intentional and this isn't a fan-creation. Hit the jump for more details.

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riceandbeans4302d ago

Hot sexy gun wielding chick in a hostesse game? Ah well... PANTSU!

riceandbeans4302d ago

Oh, so you've just killed a hundred raging demons? Pffft. I've been sober for 5 hours. Now get me a beer please.

artgamer4302d ago

lol, pantsu flashing :)

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