Google admits it's going directly after Microsoft

Popular search engine Google has officially announced that its going into the software market in direct competition with Microsoft. Reflecting the company's explosive growth, Google's new tagline will be "Search, Ads and Apps".

Last year Google launched a package of online applications such as browser-based word processing and spreadsheet software that look much like Microsoft's bread and butter Word and Excel programs. Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, noted that users losing data thanks to computer crashes could become a thing of the past if they used Google's Internet-based applications.

When asked how they would avoid becoming known as "the new Microsoft, and not in flattering terms", co-founder Larry Page said that, "It's natural to be concerned about it… We're not the same kind of company ... our engineers all run Linux. It's free. You can hack on it. It's deep in our DNA".

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Cartesian3D4180d ago

hope they will grow in software market , and we will support them here.. in my country many ppl cant buy WINDOWS ultimate even in their dreams .. or office..


Neutral Gamer4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

I hope they do well as well, the only thing that scares me is, like Microsoft, if they become too big (and they're pretty big at the moment) it could actually be us users who end up losing out in the end.

I like the way they say, "..our engineers all run Linux. It’s free". That's fine at the moment, but we all know money talks ... haha.

Cartesian3D4180d ago

thats why we must pay 350 bucks for a full version ...

its the first time that ONE BIG company like google want to make a Good and USER FRIENDLY linux for us... other linux like Ubuntu are good but not for all ppl...

Google has ENOUGH MONEY to make an excellent OS .. this time is right.. Vista didnt start well... and has many problems( such as DX10 games,lower performance compare to xp... )

QuackPot4180d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

Google earns its revenue via its net service on Winblow$, Mac Os X & Linux.

Google has absolutely no need to invest in and develop a Linux OS. They're making millions no matter what OS you are using.

There won't be a Google OS anytime soon, if at all.

...Sony Linux OS.... a different story. This could be a real possibility with Sony allowing Linux on the Ps3. And to be honest, as a Linux fan, I'd prefer Sony over Google any day.

Because of Winblow$ domination of the OS market, there has never been any major investment in developing the best Linux distribution. Apple's Mac Os X shows us what can be achieved if a company puts in the time and resources in developing a Unix-based OS. Unfortunately, Apple's only keeping OsX on their hardware so the PC misses out.

But with the Ps3 being a mini-PC itself, Sony may - no, will - develop the ultimate Linux or BSD distribution(Sony OS). This can be easily done as the computer code is free for anyone to use, modify, adapt, improve. And so long as Sony can get revenue from commercial software on it, Sony OS will most likely be ported to the PC.

So forget Google OS. Sony OS on the Ps4 and PC will be something worth waiting for. And if we're lucky, we might get a beta preinstalled on the Ps3 before its 10 year cycle is over. Oh, yeah!!!!

PS. Why use Google for doing Word or Excel? Now that's stupid!
Just download OpenOffice and you'll get the equivalent of Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint for free - no middleman(ie Google) or need to get onto the net.

Free Open Source Software(FOSS) - Linux, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, The Gimp, Inkscape, NVU, Scribus, MySQL, Apache, MythTV, Blender etc etc.

Phantom_Lee4180d ago

maybe Google does have what it never know..

BrainDead4180d ago

At a software level maybe. If they went after MS in the hardware level they would win easily.

Marriot VP4180d ago

yes because google makes hardware.......huh?

Or maybe it's because you hate microsoft's products so much you would think any company would do better.

BrainDead4180d ago

no i was just trying to pIss people like you off Happy Birthday :D

Shadow Flare4180d ago

Now what if Google and Apple teamed up? mmm

It's about time someone played microsoft at their own game. We all know how good competition is for industry

Merovee4180d ago

Not because it isn't possible, it absolutely is but both Apple and Google have made a reputation of "playing nice" with other companies. They can coexist quite nicely and still compete. If anything, I would expect you'll be seeing something along the lines of what goes on between AMD and Intel where both will make sure various software works in both directions, reserving only bread and butter thing strictly for themselves.

With all of the complaints against the latest Windows incarnations both companies are in a good position to pick up customers.

nix4180d ago

google has decided to pull the rug right underneath them. with Vistas turning out expensive... it certainly looks like a cooler option to any "budget-minded" consumers.

all the best google... we'll be there to support you! q:

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