Have 'Achievements' Ruined Gaming?

Tony from writes:

"The Achievement system on XBox 360 was an evolution, allowing players bragging rights for their efforts in gaming overall. People want recognition for their gaming, for this reason Sony followed Microsoft's lead with the Trophy system, even Quake Live has an achievement system; Rewards (hereafter all systems are referred to as Rewards.)

There was a time that I was happy with my save file, knowing that the info of my efforts were contained therein. But today I need to have the Reward for 'Story Complete' and 'All Jumps Completed'. Almost like monetary compensation for employment, games need to give something other than the enjoyment of a hard days work, back."

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Delta3785d ago

How can they? If you have an unhealthy obsession with them that's your fault. Now please stop crying.

GWAVE3785d ago

If anything this gen "ruined" gaming, I'd be much quicker to point the finger at the overabundance of DLC than at Achievements/Trophies, but that's just me.

Ron_Burgundy3785d ago

Trophies are the only way to go

3785d ago
You Already Know3785d ago

I'm wondering how that bullshit article that is being passed as a duplicate story in comparison to this one (read the actual article posted here) and has been approved and has 70 degrees?...

what a joke...

THE MAX SPEED 213785d ago

acheivements is the same thing as getting the higher score @ the arcade.

stop crying fool

You Already Know3785d ago it's not...

you can't be serious..

GameOn3785d ago

I see what he's getting at. They aint the same but they have the same effect.

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