157 New Halo 3 Beta Screenshots

Here are 157 new Halo 3 Beta screenshots, taken from the recent trailer released by Bungie.

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Pheneus4481d ago

organized them better.

Drew4481d ago

Yeah, sorry about that. They are in chronological order, however. What we're really waiting on is the new info being released later today. What we have here pales in comparison.

PG294481d ago

i just seen the is awesome.and Drew nice to meet you.i heard you work for Microsoft

RedGr3mlin4481d ago

And good work with the Vid and pics, i truly looking forward to halo 3 now, but in what GFX procent is the game in now?.. i heard something about the GFX is only working on 60% of the full game now...


Cartesian3D4481d ago

Im sure HALO3 will satisfy every halo fan..

world lighting is impressive..

Hectic_Kris4481d ago

this game looks better everytime i droowl over it cannot wait

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