iPhone games easy to port to the PSP Mini

According to the developers of the popular iPhone game Fieldrunners, porting a game from the iPhone to the PSP is a piece of cake.

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wxer3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

im sure that Sony has considered this when they started the hole thing
now the PSP well be flooded with games

a very smart move Sony

ogwilson3789d ago

I'm just excited for any movements to knock Apple off of their app-store pedestal.

54percent3789d ago

I bet Sony is working in a fully functional PSP phone, that would make a complete PSP... maybe that's why they removed the UMD from the original PSP

wxer3789d ago

i mean if you dig deep to it
it almost as an HD gameboy

the main reason that gameboys sells so much because if the games
their is like millions of them + the games are cheap

a huge step in the PSP market thats for sure

uie4rhig3789d ago

make apps as well as games for the minis movement! i hope they allow apps, wud be sick!

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blackboyunltd3789d ago

psp phone would be nice, CES 2010 announcement

psiom3789d ago

Except you still need an SDK and Sony Approval. Most iphone devs (like me) are iphone devs because we can do it on a $100 outlay and have relative freedom in terms of app aproval.

It's interesting though.

rbanke3789d ago

There are a few games I'm playing on my iPhone that I would love to see on the psp. For me the virtual controls on the iPhone only barely cut it, real buttons would be a huge plus to me.


make it happen please.