Hey Blu-ray, Where Did Fox Go

In all the fuss about the possibility of Universal going format neutral, engadget makes a great point; Where are those Fox Blu-ray titles again? So engadget headed over to Hi-Def Digest to take a look at what titles Fox has in store for consumers and what do you know, Fox does not have any listed with a release date. What is even more interesting is that the last title from Fox (Other than Night at the Museum and Eragon) was released on February 13th, which happens to be about the same time as the AACS hardware key was discovered. Conspiracy theories aside, engadget wanted to know what happened to all those great titles consumers were promised during CES when Fox was touting how great Blu-ray sales were going to be this year.

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ITR4231d ago

The only thing they have really is Night at the Museum and thats an avg movie.

I guess the DRM thing has scared.

Maddens Raiders4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

has much to do with conspiracy theories and DRM issues as I think they are biding time to make sure there will be a clearcut *format winner.

NewsCorp, [Fox's parent co.] wants to make sure that future stock is fully thrown toward a winner and I think they want to see if HD-DVD will fold and Blu-ray becomes the winner. If not moving all efforts to BD might be financial sudicide. I think they were counting on more sales of the PS3 at this stage, but probably didn't anticiapte $3.15/gal gasoline in the states before the summer arrived.

Besides, out of around 28 titles on the 2007 list I saw - I'd say maybe 10 at most are "must-see."


LoveHateTragedy4231d ago

I wouldn't be too worried, as there are plenty of Blu-ray titles to go around. Fox is only one company.

ITR4231d ago

Fox has the movies I want.

Star Wars

I tend to watch mostly Universal and Fox made movies.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4231d ago

Fox just owns a bunch of TV networks, a movie studio and Fox Interactive games. FOX is not a tiny mom and pop company.

Phantom_Lee4231d ago

they still support Blue ray, since i just pre-order one of the movies form

but I see no new titles

Bathyj4231d ago

I read that they were sorry they were so hesitent and slow to react with DVD and they didn't want to make the same mistake with BR. They said they were going to go full throttle. (Not in those words, I made that up).

So yeah, whats the story Fox, why aren't all these studios releasing movies quicker. They've got me hooked, I'm just waiting for more good titles.

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