Fort Zombie Screenshots Surface

GrE writes, "Who can resist a Zombie game? I know we sure can't which is why Fort Zombie sounds pretty intriguing to us. An action RPG hybrid, Fort Zombie was unveiled at PAX 2009 on Friday. There aren't too many details just yet but Paradox Interactive's title promises that players will find themselves trapped in the small town of Piety, Indiana and up against a horde of zombies. As a little change from the usual zombie based games, this one focuses around survival rather than all out zombie slaughter. Players have to build a Fort to keep safe in, as well as scout around Piety for supplies and track down survivors. Paradox Interactive promises that players will be able to choose from a variety of daily tasks and the ability to build up the skillset for their chosen character.

Fort Zombie sounds like a pretty interesting concept and we at GamesAreEvil will be sure to keep you up to date with the development of this intriging title.

For now, check out the latest screenshots..."

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Haly3791d ago

Looks like a cool concept I'd say

yesah3790d ago

yep, good concept.

But thoose screens are sh!t.

And without multiplayer or coop it will fail..

CrAppleton3791d ago

After Left 4 Dead, anything with a zombie, gets my vote of approval.

supercharger51503791d ago

really? I'm kind of thinking Zombies are going the way of Vampires. This sh*t's played out!

Neco5123791d ago

You would have to be out of your mind (zombies already eaten them?) to believe that. They are here to stay.

supercharger51503791d ago

yeah, here to stay of course. But played out and over used? OF COURSE
It's becoming an industry crutch.

wondroushippo3791d ago

Zombies have more of a timeless quality/popularity/coolness to them. Vampires are only popular because of damn teenaged girls.

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supercharger51503791d ago

the Action/RPG combo sounds good though.

Spolodaface3791d ago

Hmm... another zombie game. whouda thunk it? Entirely expected yet i'm still intrigued. The critic in me says NO but the zombie in me says BRAAAAINS.

I'm starting to get bored of Nazi Zombies so this looks like a worthy distraction until the Winter release onslaught.

CobraKai3791d ago

Anyone else stoked for Zombieland?

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