Obama Disses Xbox Again

G4TV reports: I've stood by and watched while president Obama gave up on the public option in the healthcare overhaul, and I even support his Marxist takeover of The United States of Amerikka, but with this morning's speech to our nation's school kids, Obama has finally gone too far. Obama has dissed the Xbox -- again!

"Now I've given a lot of speeches about education. And I've talked a lot about responsibility. I've talked about your teachers' responsibility for inspiring you, and pushing you to learn," Obama said this morning in his address to the youth of the country. "I've talked about your parents' responsibility for making sure you stay on track, and get your homework done, and don't spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with that Xbox," Obama said.

Obama has been flogging the "ZOMG! Turn off your Xbox!" line since before he was Supreme Dictator of the U.S., So I can only conclude that the president is a PS3 fanboy, either that or it's a coded, political "dog whistle" statement aimed at people sill using the original Xbox. He didn't' say put down the 360, after all. But either way, this aggression will not stand, man.

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wxer4344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )

dont you just love Obama

talltony4343d ago

no i dnt love obama. However his beliefs of turning off the xbox i am for.

Snake Raiser4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

Like a guy in the gamer zone said "Or his kids have a Xbox so that may be why? " Also...for the time being.... the xbox is still the symbol of hardcore gaming. So Obama seems to be using the xbox as a symbol here. This article took his comments at face value. Whether you like that or not it makes more since for him to say xbox. And you have kind of got to admit if you actually saw the speech it was clear that he was talking about kids who are having trouble in school. If a kid is having trouble in school they really shouldn't play too many video games, school comes first in my opinion. I'm pretty sure that is all he meant.

TheOutsider4343d ago

Turn off your X-box and put that sh*t in the TRASH!! before it burns your house down!! HA HA HA YOU X-BOTS GOT OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNEE EEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! FOOLS!

AngryTypingGuy4343d ago

Obama wants to use a name of a console that Americans can relate to.

UnwanteDreamz4343d ago

"the xbox is still the symbol of hardcore gaming"

To who? 12 and 13 year old kids? Symbol of hardcore gaming? You must be joking...

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kratos1234344d ago

thats awsomme the president has a ps3 need to find him on psn anybody now his psn name or any sugustions what his psn is


Or his kids has a Xbox so that may be why!?

SupaPlaya4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

"Obama has been flogging the "ZOMG! Turn off your Xbox!" line since before he was Supreme Dictator of the U.S., So I can only conclude that the president is a PS3 fanboy... "

I wonder if he mentioned PS3 instead of Xbox, will we have such a reaction from G4TV. What do you guys think?

Another question I have is what the Xbox represents in Obama speech? When I read it it sounds like he's using Xbox to represent any negative gaming influence as a whole, instead of picking on the 360. It makes sense to me that he used Xbox as it is more heavily advertised in the US and it has sold more than the PS3 currently in the US (he is US president after all). Yea Wii sold the most but it is generally not linked to the hardcore gaming crowd. If he is in fact speaking about gaming in general, this article is missing the important point.

@topdawg122 - Thanks for the response.

You Already Know4343d ago

I'm going to throw out a big "who cares" to what Obama said about the XBOX 360...

he has bigger problems on his plate to be "dissing" a videogame console...

lh_swe4343d ago

He uses it as an example since we gamers arguably do spend too much time on our consoles, especially since it interferes with school performance, work performance and time spent doing chores, time spent with loved one's etc. Please don't take this as a critique towards you as an individual, I acknowledge that I spend too much time with my consoles and it interferes with other aspects of my life.

Besides I think he knows the 360 is more popular in America than the PS3.

But I would like to add that the parents should in fact have a say in this, since there are many things kids will abuse unless met with the right guidelines to for example play video games. Parents today are way to lenient towards their kids, no physical punishment should ever be administered but the children should be made aware of the consequences of their actions, like the inability to get a proper job without an education which undoubtedly not doing your homework will result in, and upon repeated insubordination a punishment like the removal of the console could be administered.

It's just a shame that the Video Game business gets all the blame for a lack of parenting.

topdawg1224343d ago

@ supaplaya, I think the author of this article realizes that he is talking about gaming as a whole. In the us a lot of people own xboxes and i think he just uses that word to refer to the rest of the consoles as well. I doubt he is just purely anit-xbox and pro-sony. He is just talking about gaming in general, but sorry Mr. president, but i don't think i'll ever stop gaming lol

himdeel4343d ago

...because he's always getting pwned in COD4 :) Or maybe because even the layperson knows about the Xbox. If this was the 80s he'd be saying Nintendo or Sega instead of Xbox.

jmare4343d ago

Wow, you guys are taking this crap way too seriously. He said Xbox because his speech writers wrote Xbox because They obviously don't know sh1t about the industry and consider "Videogames" to be exclusive to children and teenagers and since (it seems) most teenagers always talk about the 360, it is Obama being down with the youth culture. That is all.

4343d ago
Deputydon4343d ago

Obama has a Wii. He said he was buying his kids one back when he was still running for president.

I would assume he is using the general, 'Xbox,' because it's the only American made video game console on the market...

UnSelf4343d ago

looks like i voted for the right guy

4343d ago
ALL_STAR_284343d ago

Socialism :( pathetic the way this country is going

kalebgray924343d ago

he meant xbox.... he would have said video games otherwise... everyone knows how hot the 360 gets... and the noise.... and he kinda called obama a fan boy.... he can be whatever he wants he's the president ... dont be butt hurt cuz he said the truth... "oh he was talking about the xbox 1" gtfo dude who plays that at all anymore dont pick at what he said... he means the 360... the consolde with the high failure rates

edgeofblade4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

360: Official Antichrist of the Church of Obama. Condemning children to entertaining games since 2005.

PS3: No longer the go to brand of gaming.

No, seriously. PS3 has lost ground if "the playstation" is no longer synonymous with gaming.

And Obama can keep his universal health care. I'm sure he wouldn't have to use it...

Raz4343d ago

This isn't news. It isn't even an article. It's someone looking for reasons to be butt-hurt over their favorite console. Ugh. Pull up your pants like a big boy, dammit!

Obama4343d ago

yes I do own a ps3 - the console that will change our children's future.

GUNS N SWORDS4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

dumb article, the president of the United Sates has no time to take part in a console war.

IaMs124343d ago

LMAO i laughed when i read it. I just find it amusing thats all

Game13a13y4343d ago

not only the 360 brought down the videogame industry, it brought down the world's economy as well.

BWS19824343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

who's falling behind in school, you have nothing to worry about -- he's not talking about you. If you're a responsible child getting straight A's already or an adult, he's not referring to you, so forget it. Why is there such criticism for Obama over this? And since when did people not research what he's proposing regarding anything else? If you want to bash him or his views, know them first instead of listening to the Conservatives' insults and misinformation. People throw around that "socialist" word and the "communist" term like they know what they're talking about, and it's irritating. Take some history and then check your facts, we were at rock bottom, he's trying to pick us back up.

godofthunder104343d ago

Every fan of every system should be worried about abama not because os what game he plays but how he's destroying our consitution.According to it he didn't have the right to all of his stupid bailouts(wich are not working,unimployment is still climbing) and bush was wrong to do the first one.our consitution give every one the same chance to suceed.It was my fault that i didn't go to college to become a doctor or trained and practice enough to play pro sports.people come here to live the american dream.The harder you try the better off you will be.Abama doesn't belive in the constitution.he thinks that anyone that worked hard and made something of theirselfs should be punished.If abama pass his socialist healthcare(it will bankrupt america)small buisness owners will be paying 56% of their profits to taxes.The only thing Abama is worring about doing is destroying everything the U.S standsfar and he pisses me off .He just want to make the U.S a socialist country,hell he done said that he want to change america and that he wanted to spread the wealth around and it turns my stomach.

I'm a poor man and i don't want money from people that worked for it because it isn't right.My grandfather fought proudly in ww2 and loved the U.S and i thank god everyday that he's not alive to see this socialist [email protected] turn it into a socialist country.Everynight that i go to bed i can help but worry about my kids and my grandkids.I'm afraid that my grandkids will never know the U.S like i did and it will be a sad thing for all our grandkids and great grandkids if this Mother [email protected] gets his way.

They only had about 3 other president to appoint zars and they only appointed about 20 in 24 years,abama appointed over 30 already and he hasn't been president for a year yet.The reason that he's appointeing all of these zars is because they don't have to be approved by congress,hell they have at least 3 of them that couldn't even be fbi because of their radically agender.Take the green zar Jones.He said that the rich white people were poising colored people on purpose,He said that our white farmers were poisioning their mexican workers on purpose in the fields.The biggeste thing that they caught him on tape saying was that we need to throw out the old constitution and make a new one.You see jones belonge to a comunist party and he's still a member now.

Then they have the fcc zar that abama appointed.he said that the U.S shouldn't have freedom of speech.he said that the U.S would be better off without it.He try to say that freedom of speech is what causing problems.He was sayed that a communist country was better then the U.S.he even went on to say that the goverment was wrong to supply the people that was trying to overthrow chavais out of office because they wanted a free country.He also said that he was glad the u.S didn't suceed because he's one of the greatest leaders he every new.Chavais killed million of his people,a lot of them just for disagreeing with him.The fcc zar also said goverment should run all the radio stations then that way people will get the truth.Hell politions don't tell the truth now.

Then we have the health zar abama appointed i think.They are just so many i can't keep up with all of the new name of the job abamas making up so his buddies could work in the whitehouse and it's pathetic .He said that it should be a law that a family could only have 2 to 3 kids.he even said that if they have 2 or 3 kids then he thinks he could find a loophole in the constitution that will give the goverment power to make someone have an abortion if they have 2 or 3 kids already even if they don't want to.I like to know what countries murder kids like this,OH! i forgot some communist countries do things like this.The reason he want to do these things are because he said that the world have to many people in it and it's destroying the world.People should remember that this is the same guy that helped write the health plan for abama.This guy also helped start the weather underground with bill aires.

They have other zars that abama appointed that have the same kind of agender as these,hell they even have 2 other abama zars that belong to communist parties.

People need to wake up and start foghting for the U.S and what it stands for before the Abama and his communist thinking destroy it.Abama made the remark when he was running for Pres that all people have to do is look at the people he hangs aroung with and the people he will appoint to offices when he becomes Pres to know what his agender is.Well let see

1st-rev wright-Said that america deserve everything that happened to it on 9/11

2nd-The ex green zar jones-he belonged to a communist party

3rd-the health zar-I think it was the health zar that said it should be a law that people could only have 2 or 3 kids.

4th-The fcc zar-said that the goverment should own all the radio stations.He also said that we shouldn't have freedom of speech

5th-They have at least 2 other zars that belong to communist parties to.

6th-Bill aires-helped abama get started in politics.Aires help start the weather underground.They used to bomb goverment building because they hate the U.S goverment.hell aires and his wife even killed some people in the bombings.They both got off on a technicality.Till this day he still says he's not sorry for doing this

People should just read up on the people that abama appointed as zars,it is just pathetic to see the democrats acting like they don't know anything about it.

Recently i voted for cliton and gore so i'm not a right wing nut that some democrats like to call people when they disagree with them,as a matter of fact i'm a democrat.i don't vote for a party i vote for the experience,their records and their views on the worlds receient politics.I'll admitt i didn't vote for abama because he doesen't have any experience.He only served a few years in chicago and didn't do a damn thing.He voted present around 96% of the time.present means that he didn't vote yes or no he couldn't make up his mind.Before he finisded there he went to washington.While in washington he started running for President within the 1st year there so he was only there a year.

Abama has a hidden agenda.Abama is a communist who can't stand america,hell he's wife made the remark that she never was pround on the U.S untill abama was favorite to win the White house.

Hell i couldn't wait till we got bush out.we got rid of a that and now we have a comunist in the white house.People better start standing up now to this [email protected] before it's to late.I hope our great grandkids don't have to read a history book to see how the U.S used to be and hate us for voteing him in.

People should stop listing to cbs,nbc,msnbc and ever other station they have because about 98% of them are all for abama and never posted bad news on him.When i 1st seen the speeches fo abamas friends trashing the constitution and saying that we should throw it out and start all over it turned my stomach.Every news paper and channel should have played it.I looked on every news chanel and i've only seen it on 1.Hell msnbc didn't even say nothing bad about jones they just said that the rep party was was causing problems.

Hell i use to watch chris mathewes untill i've seen the glee in is eyes when he said every time i see or hear abama speak i get a quiver go up and down my leg.I knew then that he wasn't going to be a real news reporter anymore because he was in love with abama.

Well 1 good thing is happening now.abama approval rateings stands at 48%.IT'S below 50% for the 1st time and it's great.he's loosing independents,and moderrate democrats.He's approval rateings with whites are droping fast.he's approval rateings with the colored people are the same but maybe they will turn against him SOON to


Lightsaber4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

Do people even think any more before they write something Obama siad "spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with that Xbox,"

Hows that make him a ps3 fanboy he want you to spend more time playing your xbox

SupaPlaya ok seriously yes he talking about gaming as a whole. But when you think about it I doubt the ps3 is a big problem. The problem of playing to much and the negative affect are mustly do to online gaming. The ps3 has no big online games beside cod4 so that I think limit how much of an issue it is. The biggest problem is the PC aka WoW and other mmo's people become so addict to them they cant do anything but play. There been stories of people letting their kids die cause they couldnt stop playing there was even a story about a kid that almost die cause he didnt eat of like 3-4 cause he was playing wow. The 360 has people that are very addict to Halo , CoD4 and gears but never heard of anything like mmo addiction.

To be honest I dont have an issues with what obama said. I agree a lot of people do need to stop watching TV all day or playing games. These shouldnt take up all your free time or affect you school/work/daily life

derseb4343d ago

I love it how all conservative americans go nuts over him. They do not understand capitalism and social responsibility can go hand in hand. :)

GameGambits4343d ago

Free Health Care...can I has it?

You know in France they only work 4 days a week and have free health care for everyone?

Seriously who gives 2 sh*ts what anyone says about videogames if they aren't a gamer. You don't get it, you won't get it, and you don't want to get it. The real world is a much crappier place than the fantasy world I can jump into from time to time with videogames.

It should be everyone's goal in life to try to have the most fun you can before you die without hurting others. Nothing is guaranteed, so just be smart and have fun in moderation.

This Obama fellow like every president before him makes a lot of BS promises before he gets into the white house, and delivers maybe a 1/3 of what it is he set out to do. The only difference between him and any other president is he's got dark skin. Whoop de doo...where's all this change you preach? I'm sure his 2 years will be up, and he'll start trying to fill us up again that we are super close to change and he just needs another 2 years to go.

Ron Paul 2011. That's the man who should be in charge.

BWS19824343d ago

I'm still trying to understand where conservatives think "socialist healthcare" would be a bad thing when combined with private insurance. I have a chronic disease and if the heinous and depraved insurance companies get competition, everybody wins. On top of that, I don't know where they're getting their (mis)information, because it sure as hell didn't come from Obama.

Wh15ky4343d ago

He's not dissing the Xbox. If anything it's a compliment to Xbox as he's refering to gaming consoles in general. If he gave this speech 5 years ago he would have said:
"and don't spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with that Playstation"

snoopgg4343d ago

360's from redringing to death. Think about it if your kid plays his 360 all day its bound to redring sooner or later. He is the savior of 360's.

UnwanteDreamz4343d ago

This makes total sense to me. His speach was directed at the children and the 360 is the prefered system of children, next to the Wii that is.

DeadlyFire4343d ago

He is trying to say stop playing videogames, but that is just like saying lets ban porn. Its just not gonna happen. They both are two strong pillars of the economy no?

Barack Obama4343d ago

There appear to be rumors flying around on the internet that I have become, in some way, bias toward a single console. This is simply untrue. It has been discussed and proven in many situations that I do own all 3 current generation consoles, and play them equally. Whether it's The Killing Zone 2 on Sony's Playstation 3, or the popular Halo 2 on Microsoft's Xbox 360, or even Super Bash Brothers Melee on the Nintendo Wii, I play them all I hardly have time to be your President. It always reminds me of what my mother would say "Now, you stop being a gaming master, and mind your studies, I don't want to raise a delinquent."

Goodnight Everyone, and God Bless you all. God Bless America.

Quickedie4343d ago

You want to know where people get misinformation from?
"Take your dirty government hands off my medicare!"

Didn't you know 70% or republicans watch FOX news? Its kinda scary but explains a lot. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh...

The right wing is abusing the stupidity and ignorance of a large portion of Americans. And there is many ignorant Americans, for example, in 2006 45% of Americans still believed that Iraq was connected to 9/11. Thats a stunning immunity to FACTS. Even Bush and Cheney had to admit that there is no connection between 9/11 and Iraq whatsoever.
Point is, many Republicans have their world view and select only information that fits that particular PoV while ignoring everything else. Its no longer about Facts, it has never been.

Ever wonder why Republicans think Education is so overrated and war funding so much more important? They would loose many voters in the long run if people would get smarter and better informed.

Did you know that the private Health Care Industry is pumping hundreds of MILLIONS of Dollars into campaigning against health care reform.
Pretty much every Republican senator is getting the majority of his campaign money from the private insurance sector. Just do some research, so doesn't that tell the obvious? Who are the constituents they will most likely represent?
And its many 'blue dog Democrats' as well getting big money btw.
Obviously they will try to prevent reform, just like they have done the last 40 years. Oh no, they just want to 'wait' a tiny bit more to find a good bipartisan solution...

How is a public option a 'government takeover', when it is a CHOICE and will force private insurance to compete.
Government run would be a single payer system where there is no private insurance. Also the public option wouldn't get between you and your doctor as the private sector often does, dropping you when you get sick and not insuring you at all because of preexisting condition.

But I guess its just all to much to understand for the average person, so just continue "Take your dirty government hands off my medicare!" and no 'government takeover' and all the other republican talking points.
"Leaders of other countries come to America to get treatment, THUS America has the best system in the World"
Oh yeah? Maybe they come to America because they can AFFORD IT.

Its gonna be a sad day for millions of Americans if reform fails. It will take another decade until America catches up with the rest of the world. Already Americans pay the highest price worldwide while being one of the last of industrialized countries in therms of average quality.

Think about it.

Christopher4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

1. The article is garbage. Idiotic diatribe.

2. Any parent who doesn't think that their child should spend more time studying and involved in physical and other extracurricular activities rather than playing video games doesn't have the best interest of their child at heart.

3. Anyone who thinks what Obama is turning us into is a Socialist society should go live in a socialist society before they utter that crap. I don't agree with many of his policies, but he's not trying to turn us into socialists, far from it.

lh_swe4343d ago

You scared or something (since you blocked me)? yes I support Obama, yes I think a country without an active military can work, Sweden is neutral, has had no need for a military and it's being slowly dismantled day by day, of course you can't remove it immediately, but you only need a military if you yourself pose a threat.

How come muslim extremist attach America and not the UK, France, Germany? It's because they don't play world police, thats the UN's job, UN forces funded by a worldwide fund could stronger than any single army, so the US wouldn't need one more than to protect their borders until the real "world police" came to the rescue.

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JOLLY14344d ago

Xbox is synonymous with video game console.

D4RkNIKON4344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )

That is a pretty good point. Take it in while it lasts my friend. I think I will throw you a bubble.

SupaPlaya4343d ago

the president is linking the Xbox to gaming as a whole (at least for the targeted audience, parents and children in school)

aldesko4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

No, the speech was targeting 360's userbase... 12 year-olds.

UnwanteDreamz4343d ago

Wrong the XBOX is synonymous with children. You know like the ones he was speaking to?

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Simon_Brezhnev4344d ago

We'll he is telling the truth why would he say ps3 when the average age of a ps3 gamer is 28. Average age of a 360 gamer is teenagers.

D4RkNIKON4344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )

Ohh another good point, bubbles for you too. Adults can spend their time as they please, the kids need to study.

Morbid Bulldozer4343d ago

Unfortunately, none of these adult PS3 owners can be found on N4G...

FlipMode4343d ago

LOL you say that like 360 owners on here are more mature.

AssassinHD4343d ago

Hey some of us are around. You just can't see us because we clasp our hands together and look at the ground. It really is the perfect camouflage.

CadDad4343d ago

He can't dis the PS3, the owners are voting age you know.

(kidding guys, relax)


Morbid Bulldozer4343d ago

"LOL you say that like 360 owners on here are more mature."

Your comment proves my point.

jmare4343d ago

And you just proved his.

Morbid Bulldozer4343d ago

@jmare: Did I? Explain how.

Let me explain, how Flipmode's comment proves my point. Let's say that Bobby is an average X360 owner and Mike is an average PS3 owner. Imdaboss says "Bobby is a teenager and Mike is 28". I say "Too bad Mike still acts like a teenager when he's on N4G". Note that I didn't deny Bobby's age, I didn't even mention him. Then Flipmode says "Oh yeah? You say that like Bobby is more mature". He does not defend Mike, like AssassinHD. Instead, he attacks Bobby, acting like a teenager and therefore proving my point.

Sheikh Yerbouti4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

that very scenario first applies to you before it does Flipmode.

You assumed PS3 owners are immature. Flip assumes you are degrading PS3 owners for being less mature than 360 owners. You in turn assume Flip is attacking 360 owners for being less mature. You say he is acting like a teenager...attacking 360 owners. But you attack PS3 owners by saying they are immature...yourself acting like a teenager.

But you are making an argument out of it between college classes, while Flip is away from his monitor...probably working to feed his wife and newborn if these 'averages' are true.

Flip's was a reaction. Yours was an outright attack, and you are a hypocrite. Nothing personal, though.

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