RM: Battlefield 1943 Review

RM writes: "Sometimes, cheaper actually does mean better. I realise that more often than not, it doesn't. The "Tinkerbell" washing up liquid and "Pluto" chocolate bars that certain bottom-end supermarkets sell would be proof of this point. However, when it comes to Xbox Live Arcade, you can find some real top-notch entertainment for a relatively petite price. There's a lot of dross to wade through, but when you find a gem, it really is a sparkly one."

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AZgamerB3yond3783d ago

this game is awesome, playstation 3 gamers make it an even better game by online maturity alone.

Shrinkwrap3783d ago

No team killing, No Glitchers, No one destroying there own crates like in Bad Company. (even though this has no crates.)

Everyone has the same weapons. no perks.
It's a nice fun play.

I'm almost up to 10000 kills, (9700)