Destructoid Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime Trilogy is quickly becoming known as the Wii's equivalent to The Orange Box, and if you've played The Orange Box, you know how big a compliment that is. Thing is, I know there are a lot of you who still don't know about what makes Metroid Prime Trilogy so great. These three games (now available on one disk with Wii-tailored controls) tend to be either adored or ignored. I'd wager that's because most people see the word "Metroid" and "first person" and assume that immediately know what the Prime games are all about.

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EvilTwin3792d ago

"About that control scheme; it's a constant puzzle to me that some people still prefer to play 3D shooters with two analog sticks. Honestly, I can't help but suspect that it's just a generational thing. I know a lot of old people who also think that Frank Sinatra was more musically talented than The Beatles, and that has everything to do with the fact that by the time The Beatles hit, these people were too set in their ways to accept anything new. That's the only thing I can think of that could block someone's appreciation of the Wii-pointer's use in the FPS genre. I don't care how easily your arms get tired, it's just more involving and immersing to aim at the screen and shoot exactly where you want to shoot. You don't have to extend your arm all the way, people. You can keep your arms down just like you would with a regular controller and simply aim from the hip. It worked in the days of the old west, and works on the Wii as well."


It's about frickin' time someone mentioned this in a review.

If someone sucks at controlling a great control scheme, that's on the player, not the game.

IR/pointer controls are simply BETTER -- faster and more precise -- than dual analog for FPS. It's one genre where the Wii's controls shine when they're done just right.

Other games like Madden? I much prefer a standard controller.