Raven Squad - Xbox Evolved Review

XE writes:

"Overall, Raven Squad is a nice idea with very bad execution. Achievement hunters might be pleased to know that these achievements aren't too hard to obtain but will require some work. Other than that, I can't give a reason for anyone to even think about buying this game."

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Blaze9293790d ago

This game fails so much >_<

AridSpider3790d ago

could've figured that out just by the screenshots

Blaze9293790d ago

yeah definitely something everyone should stay away from

AridSpider3790d ago

South Peak Interactive was behind this title...what did anyone really expect.

Blaze9293790d ago

that is true...South Peak...*sigh*

JokesOnYou3790d ago

damm, you could get a better score by making a game with a few crayons and a notepad. Embarrassing.


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JasonXE3790d ago

I love reviews of bad games. I never get it though, these developers, do they not KNOW their game sucks?

Blaze9293790d ago

I wonder about that too

ProA0073790d ago

Who knows, maybe to them they think its fantastic which is the sad part when they hit with all the negative press and little to almost no sales.

Blaze9293790d ago

Yeah I guess like a regular creator of something, the ones creating it think its the best thing ever

Sunny_D3790d ago

Developers see their games like a painting. They think that the painting is a masterpiece, while others will think its just scribbles.

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3790d ago
Grimhammer003790d ago

The truly sad thing here - is two fold.
1) that somehow this dev got funding for this. I hope that this isn't from shareholders. Yikes!

2) that their WILL be some sales...some parent that sees the cover and thinks it a good birthday gift - or, some actual fool pre-order this somewhere in Guatemala. (no offense to Guatemalans.) :)

Did Southpeak actually make this game? They got TimeGate to make Section 8...which I know most of you don't like or get....but it's actually fun, but you need team play. It's not pick-up and play friendly unless you've spent time with the loadouts.

andron3789d ago

This game hasn't gone down well with the critics. I guess Hour of Victory got a contender for the worst FPS crown...