Metroid Prime Trilogy Missing Graphical Effects from GCN Originals

As it would appear, there have been several graphical effects removed from the Wii version of the Metroid Prime.

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MrRaveDave3786d ago

is it just me or did i completely miss any sort of comparison in this vid???

LionheartAce3786d ago

Well, I noticed the water doesn't really ripple and there are less particle effects on charging beams. Nothing deal breaking to be honest, you would never notice unless you're looking for it. So far I've enjoyed it and didn't notice until this video. I love the controls. So good.

phosphor1123786d ago

But i certainly noticed those things and it bugged the crap out of me. Like the freeze noise was there, but it didn't show your blaster freeze over. I think I know why its not there. In the other MP games (for the GC) the gun was static, so all you have to do for effects was to overlay them over the gun.. freeze, heat waves.. etc. But now.. it's moving so thats harder to calculate accurately.

1 thing I DON'T understand though, is lack of moving water..I'm pretty sure the wii can handle all those features..

ChickeyCantor3786d ago

"freeze, heat waves.. etc. But now.. it's moving so thats harder to calculate accurately. "

I dont think thats a problem since the frost object could just take the position and rotation from the gun.

It would be interesting if someone interviewed them on this.

Lightning looks good though

phosphor1123784d ago

I concur. I would really want to know why they didn't include those things? I'm sure they could have. Also, yes, the lighting is better.

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The_Nameless_One3786d ago

I for one hate the Wii controllers. I tried playing Corruption but the game sucked and the Wii controllers just made my writ hurt. As far as I am concerned the first game was the nest of the trilogy.

GFahim3785d ago

just dont know how to play a WII FPS.

DrRobotnik3786d ago

Probably the reason is space. They needed to squeeze 3 games on to one disk. So something had to go.

DanteLinkX3786d ago

Nope, its not space, Metroid Prime Trilogy is a Dual Layer DVD, it has 8.5 GBs, Echoes is 4.5GBs and the other 2 cube metroids are 3.8GBs (as a total), I know this because I looked around in the howebrew scene.

DrRobotnik3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

ok factor in the extra coding for the motion controls and new interface when selecting weapons, and any other extras they might have added or secrets. Yeah, something had to go.

ChickeyCantor3786d ago

"now factor in the extra coding for the motion"
Why do people think a script is tons of gigs.

The control coding is perhaps ALMOST an Mb.

Just like how people think monster hunter 3cant add more content while in fact the game is only 2.7 gb

ReservoirDog3163786d ago

Who cares? It's still a good game and I'm still gonna get it once I can save up enough.

Alex_Mexico3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

when you port a 7 year old game into a "more powerful" system one generation later you kinda expect "more" rather than "less".
Yes, its small changes what it lacks but still: WTF.

CobraKai3786d ago

That's exactly how I feel. I was expecting slightly better graphics, not slightly worse. I'm content with my GC originals and muh original uncensored Prime 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.